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Most Duals will probably be opposites(eg. antonyms) but you shouldn't limit yourself to just them.

Salt Pepper
Odd Even
Up Down
Left Right
Arrive Depart
Big Small
Tweedledum Tweedledee Through the Looking-Glass and what Alice Found There
Statler Waldorf Muppet Show
Positive Negative
Day Night
Black White
Happy Sad
In Out
Grin Grim :)  :(
Click Clack NPR Car Talk (The Tappet Brothers)
Bert Ernie Sesame Street
Bill Ben Flower Pot Men
Jack Jill from nursery rhyme
Yin Yang
Boss Minion
Tom Jerry
Vladimir Estragon Waiting for Godot
Rosencrantz Guildenstern Hamlet
Thunder Lightning Very Very Frightening
Wayne Garth Excellent!
Bill Ted Totally
Mulder Scully
Jake Elwood Blues Brothers
Beavis Butthead 90s-Era MTV
Hammer Sickle Communism
Tick Tock
Sweet Sour
Heaven Hell
Jekyll Hyde Strange Case
Bull Bear Stock Market
Adam Eve
Ben Jerry Ice Cream
Zero One Binary
Laurel Hardy
Abbott Costello
Bacon (or Ham) Eggs
Bread Butter
Cat Mouse
Hamilton Burr
Hardcastle McCormick
Charm Strange
Dipper Mabel Gravity Falls
Frog Toad Frog and Toad
Rick Morty Rick and Morty
Phobos Deimos Mars moons
Null Void
Mario Luigi
Scylla Charybdis Sea monsters in Greek mythology
Hammer Chisel
Romeo Juliet
Crockett Tubbs Partners from Miami Vice. Alternatively "Sonny & Rico".