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#Adams, Gerry
* Brutus
#Arnold, Benedict
* Cassius
#ganor, louise  (aka LIPPY)
* Ephialtes
* Chen Gongbo
#Gene Chizik
* Balthazar Gerardsle
* Claus von Stauffenberg
#Charlemagne Division
* Andrei Vlasov
#Chen Gongbo
* Kawashima Yoshiko
#Clyde Gillispie, Billy
* Wang Jingwei
#Cramer, Anthony
* Zou Fohai
#Darnand, Joseph
#Iva Toguri D'Aquino (aka Tokyo Rose)
#Dorr, Thomas
#Fuchs, Klaus
#Gerardsle, Balthazar
#Haupt, Max
#Hansen, Philip
#Joyce, William
#Judas Iskariot (New testament)
#Kawashima Yoshiko
#Kuhn, Fritz
#Laval, Pierre
#Myers, Nina (24 series)
#Pétain, Henri Philippe
#Rosenberg, Julius
#Rosenberg, Ethel
#Tomoya Kawakita
#Tichborne, Chidiock
#von Stauffenberg, Claus
#Vlasov, Andrei
#Wang Jingwei
#Walker Lindh, John
#Walsin Esterhazy, Ferdinand
#Quisling, Vidkun (Norway)
#Zou Fohai
#Robert Delilli
* Anthony Cramer
* Iva Toguri D'Aquino (aka Tokyo Rose)
* Thomas Dorr
* Max Haupt
* Tomoya Kawakita
* Julius Rosenberg
* Ethel Rosenberg
* Philip Hansen
* Fritz Kuhn
* John Walker Lindh
* Guy Fawkes
* Klaus Fuchs
* William Joyce
* Chidiock Tichborne
* Ferdinand Walsin Esterhazy
* Henri Philippe Pétain
* Joseph Darnand
* Pierre Laval
* Charlemagne Division
* Billy Clyde Gillispie
* Nina Myers (24 series)

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