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Naming Schemes

The new VisualEditor is enabled now. Please be carefull when using it since its still Beta. Please use the Edit source button if the new Edit is broken.

What do you use?

A good naming scheme is scalable, unique, and easy to remember. The purpose of these naming schemes is to name networked servers, wireless access points or client computers, but it can also be used to name projects, products, variables, streets, pets, kids, or any other project where unique names and rememberable names are required.

By the way, if you are actually going to use one of these themes, be sure to read RFC 1178 and RFC 2100.

Pages with a "*" need work. Anyone is welcome to contribute - simply click "Edit" on any page to which you would like to contribute! If you add a naming scheme, please add a link to it on this page.

If you know of a scheme you like, go to Wikipedia and look for a "List of..." page related to your chosen theme.

tl;dr: choose your hostname! xkcd910

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