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| "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" ||Lana Del Rey
| "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" ||Lana Del Rey
| "Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg" ||TLC
| "Airplanes" ||B.o.B featuring Hayley Williams of Paramore
| "Airplanes" ||B.o.B featuring Hayley Williams of Paramore
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| "Anxiety" ||Julia Michaels featuring Selena Gomez
| "Anxiety" ||Julia Michaels featuring Selena Gomez
| "Any Man of Mine" ||Shania Twain
| "Any Ol' Barstool" ||Jason Aldean
| "Any Ol' Barstool" ||Jason Aldean
Line 1,512: Line 1,516:
| "Crazy Town" ||Jason Aldean
| "Crazy Town" ||Jason Aldean
| "Creep" ||TLC
| "Creepy Green Light" ||Type O Negative
| "Creepy Green Light" ||Type O Negative
Line 1,570: Line 1,576:
| "Damaged" ||Danity Kane
| "Damaged" ||Danity Kane
| "Damaged" ||TLC
| "Dance Again" ||Jennifer Lopez  
| "Dance Again" ||Jennifer Lopez  
Line 1,704: Line 1,712:
| "Dig" ||Collective Soul
| "Dig" ||Collective Soul
| "Diggin' on You" ||TLC
| "Digging in the Dirt" ||Peter Gabriel
| "Digging in the Dirt" ||Peter Gabriel
Line 1,766: Line 1,776:
| "Don't Be My Enemy" ||Wang Chung
| "Don't Be My Enemy" ||Wang Chung
| "Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love You)" ||Shania Twain
| "Don't Break Me" ||Montaigne
| "Don't Break Me" ||Montaigne
Line 1,888: Line 1,900:
| "Don't You Know" ||Devo
| "Don't You Know" ||Devo
| "Don't!" ||Shania Twain
| "Donald Trump" ||Mac Miller
| "Donald Trump" ||Mac Miller
Line 2,376: Line 2,390:
| "From the Ground Up" ||Dan + Shay
| "From the Ground Up" ||Dan + Shay
| "From This Moment On" ||Shania Twain
| "Frontin'" ||Pharrell Williams featuring Jay-Z
| "Frontin'" ||Pharrell Williams featuring Jay-Z
Line 2,490: Line 2,506:
| "Girl Power" ||The Cheetah Girls
| "Girl Power" ||The Cheetah Girls
| "Girl Talk" ||TLC
| "Girlfriend" ||Alicia Keys
| "Girlfriend" ||Alicia Keys
Line 2,548: Line 2,566:
| "Go! Monkey Go!" ||Devo
| "Go! Monkey Go!" ||Devo
| "God Bless the Child" ||Shania Twain
| "God Is a Woman" ||Ariana Grande
| "God Is a Woman" ||Ariana Grande
Line 2,692: Line 2,712:
| "Hands to Myself" ||Selena Gomez
| "Hands to Myself" ||Selena Gomez
| "Hands Up" ||TLC
| "Hang On" ||Smash Mouth
| "Hang On" ||Smash Mouth
Line 2,748: Line 2,770:
| "Hate to Tell You" ||Katelyn Tarver
| "Hate to Tell You" ||Katelyn Tarver
| "Haters" ||TLC
| "Haunted" ||Beyoncé
| "Haunted" ||Beyoncé
Line 2,998: Line 3,022:
| "Honey, Honey" ||ABBA
| "Honey, Honey" ||ABBA
| "Honey, I'm Home" ||Shania Twain
| "Honeybee" ||The Head and the Heart
| "Honeybee" ||The Head and the Heart
Line 3,084: Line 3,110:
| "I" ||Taeyeon
| "I" ||Taeyeon
| "I Ain't No Quitter" ||Shania Twain
| "I Always Get What I Want" ||Avril Lavigne
| "I Always Get What I Want" ||Avril Lavigne
Line 3,868: Line 3,896:
| "Life Wasted" ||Pearl Jam
| "Life Wasted" ||Pearl Jam
| "Life's About to Get Good" ||Shania Twain
| "Lifening" ||Snow Patrol
| "Lifening" ||Snow Patrol
Line 4,076: Line 4,106:
| "Love Drunk" ||Boys Like Girls
| "Love Drunk" ||Boys Like Girls
| "Love Gets Me Every Time" ||Shania Twain
| "Love How It Hurts" ||Scouting for Girls
| "Love How It Hurts" ||Scouting for Girls
Line 4,256: Line 4,288:
| "Man You Gotta Get Up" ||The Apples in Stereo
| "Man You Gotta Get Up" ||The Apples in Stereo
| "Man! I Feel Like a Woman" ||Shania Twain
| "Manhattan Skyline" ||A-ha
| "Manhattan Skyline" ||A-ha
Line 4,686: Line 4,720:
| "No One Lives Forever" ||Oingo Boingo
| "No One Lives Forever" ||Oingo Boingo
| "No One Needs to Know" ||Shania Twain
| "No Pretendo" ||Gloria Estefan
| "No Pretendo" ||Gloria Estefan
| "No Reason" ||Sum 41
| "No Reason" ||Sum 41
| "No Scrubs" ||TLC
| "No Self Control" ||Peter Gabriel
| "No Self Control" ||Peter Gabriel
Line 5,188: Line 5,226:
| "Raining Blood" ||Slayer
| "Raining Blood" ||Slayer
| "Raining on Our Love" ||Shania Twain
| "Raining Sunshine" ||Miranda Cosgrove
| "Raining Sunshine" ||Miranda Cosgrove
Line 5,252: Line 5,292:
| "Red Light" ||David Nail
| "Red Light" ||David Nail
| "Red Light Special" ||TLC
| "Red Rain" ||Peter Gabriel
| "Red Rain" ||Peter Gabriel
Line 5,368: Line 5,410:
| "Rock of Ages" ||Def Leppard
| "Rock of Ages" ||Def Leppard
| "Rock This Country!" ||Shania Twain
| "Rock You Like a Hurricane" ||Scorpions
| "Rock You Like a Hurricane" ||Scorpions
Line 6,268: Line 6,312:
| "Swing, Swing" ||The All-American Rejects
| "Swing, Swing" ||The All-American Rejects
| "Swingin' with My Eyes Closed" ||Shania Twain
| "Swinging London Town" ||Girls Aloud
| "Swinging London Town" ||Girls Aloud
Line 6,358: Line 6,404:
| "Thank You for the Heartbreak" ||Sugababes
| "Thank You for the Heartbreak" ||Sugababes
| "That Don't Impress Me Much" ||Shania Twain
| "That'll Do" ||Peter Gabriel
| "That'll Do" ||Peter Gabriel
Line 6,690: Line 6,738:
| "Underneath the Tree" ||Kelly Clarkson
| "Underneath the Tree" ||Kelly Clarkson
| "Unpretty" ||TLC
| "Unwritten" ||Natasha Bedingfield
| "Unwritten" ||Natasha Bedingfield
Line 6,844: Line 6,894:
| "Water Under the Bridge" ||Adele
| "Water Under the Bridge" ||Adele
| "Waterfalls" ||TLC
| "The Way" ||Fastball
| "The Way" ||Fastball
| "Way Back" ||TLC featuring Snoop Dogg
| "Way Back into Love" ||Hugh Grant, Drew Barrymore and Haley Bennett
| "Way Back into Love" ||Hugh Grant, Drew Barrymore and Haley Bennett
Line 6,942: Line 6,996:
| "What About Us" ||Pink
| "What About Us" ||Pink
| "What About Your Friends" ||TLC
| "What Are You Waiting For?" ||Miranda Cosgrove
| "What Are You Waiting For?" ||Miranda Cosgrove
Line 6,980: Line 7,036:
| "Whatta Man" ||I.O.I
| "Whatta Man" ||I.O.I
| "When" ||Shania Twain
| "When I Come Around" ||Green Day
| "When I Come Around" ||Green Day
Line 7,290: Line 7,348:
| "You Want It Darker" ||Leonard Cohen
| "You Want It Darker" ||Leonard Cohen
| "You Win My Love" ||Shania Twain
| "You'll Always Be My Baby" ||Sara Evans
| "You'll Always Be My Baby" ||Sara Evans
Line 7,304: Line 7,364:
| "You're My Best Friend" ||Queen
| "You're My Best Friend" ||Queen
| "You're Still the One" ||Shania Twain
| "You're the Reason" ||Victoria Justice
| "You're the Reason" ||Victoria Justice

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Title Artist
"1 Thing" Amerie
"1-2-3" Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine
"1, 2 Step" Ciara featuring Missy Elliott
"1, 2, 3, 4" Plain White T's
"1F" White Reaper
"2 A.M." Iron Maiden
"2 Heads" Coleman Hell
"2 Hearts" Sugababes
"2 Hearts 1 Love" 911
"2 in the Morning" Girlicious
"2 in the Morning" New Kids on the Block
"2 Minutes to Midnight" Iron Maiden
"2 Phones" Kevin Gates
"2 Reasons" Trey Songz featuring T.I.
"2U" David Guetta featuring Justin Bieber
"3" Britney Spears
"3-2-1" Brett Kissel
"3WW" alt-J
"4 Minutes" Madonna featuring Justin Timberlake and Timbaland
"4 Page Letter" Aaliyah
"4 Real" Avril Lavigne
"4/20/02" Pearl Jam
"4am" Our Lady Peace
"4th Time Around" Bob Dylan
"4ware" Deadmau5
"4x4" Miley Cyrus featuring Nelly
"5 in the Morning" Charli XCX
"5 Women" Prince
"5:15" Bridgit Mendler
"6 Foot 7 Foot" Lil Wayne featuring Cory Gunz
"6 of 1 Thing" Craig David
"7 Things" Miley Cyrus
"7 Years" Lukas Graham
"8 Days of Christmas" Destiny's Child
"8th of November" Big & Rich
"9 Piece" Rick Ross featuring Lil Wayne
"10 A.M. Automatic" The Black Keys
"10 Million People" Example
"10 Years Later" Collective Soul
"11" Cassadee Pope
"11 O'Clock Tick Tock" U2
"11 PM" Maluma
"13 Beaches" Lana Del Rey
"13 Voices" Sum 41
"The 13th" The Cure
"14" Paula Cole
"17" Avril Lavigne
"17 Days" Prince
"18 and Life" Skid Row
"19 in 99" Nick Carter
"19 You + Me" Dan + Shay
"19-2000" Gorillaz
"19th Nervous Breakdown" The Rolling Stones
"20 Good Reasons" Thirsty Merc
"20 Margaritas" Big & Rich
"20 Size" Mogwai
"20th Century Boy" T. Rex
"20th Century Fox Fanfare" Alfred Newman
"20th Century Man" The Kinks
"20th Century Towers" Death Cab for Cutie
"21" Hunter Hayes
"21" The Paddingtons
"21 Guns" Green Day
"21 Questions" 50 Cent featuring Nate Dogg
"21 Summer" Brothers Osborne
"21st Century Breakdown" Green Day
"21st Century Girl" Willow Smith
"21st Century Man" Electric Light Orchestra
"21st Century Schizoid Man" King Crimson
"22" Taylor Swift
"22 Acacia Avenue" Iron Maiden
"22 Grand Job" The Rakes
"22 Steps" Damien Leith
"23" Jimmy Eat World
"24" Lana Del Rey
"24K Magic" Bruno Mars
"25 or 6 to 4" Chicago
"28 Thousand Days" Alicia Keys
"30 Minute Love Affair" Paloma Faith
"35 MPH Town" Toby Keith
"40 Kinds of Sadness" Ryan Cabrera
"40 oz. Dream" Good Charlotte
"42" Coldplay
"50 to a Pound" The Paddingtons
"50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" Paul Simon
"50 Ways to Say Goodbye" Train
"60 & Punk" Death Cab for Cutie
"80s Mercedes" Maren Morris
"90s Music" Kimbra
"99 Biker Friends" Bowling for Soup
"100 Black Coffins" Rick Ross
"100% Chance of Rain" Gary Morris
"101" Sheena Easton
"212" Azealia Banks featuring Lazy Jay
"405" Death Cab for Cutie
"409" The Beach Boys
"600Ps" Capital T
"867-5309/Jenny" Tommy Tutone
"1000 Miles Away" Hoodoo Gurus
"1234" Plain White T's
"1492" Counting Crows
"1901" Phoenix
"1950" King Princess
"1979" Good Charlotte
"1985" Bowling for Soup
"1994" Jason Aldean
"1999" Charli XCX and Troye Sivan
"2000 and Whatever" Electric Fields
"2000 Light Years from Home" The Rolling Stones
"2012 (It Ain't the End)" Jay Sean featuring Nicki Minaj
"2021" Vampire Weekend
"2099" Charli XCX featuring Troye Sivan
"2112" Rush
"10538 Overture" Electric Light Orchestra
"A.C.'s Alien Nation" Aaron Carter
"A.I." OneRepublic featuring Peter Gabriel
"Aaron's Party (Come Get It)" Aaron Carter
"Abacab" Genesis
"About a Girl" Sugababes
"About You Now" Miranda Cosgrove
"Acapella" Karmin
"Aces High" Iron Maiden
"Acceptable in the 80s" Calvin Harris
"Access Me" Phish
"Accident" Baha Men
"Accidentally in Love" Counting Crows
"Across the Universe" Rufus Wainwright
"Act Up" City Girls
"Acting Out" Ashley Tisdale
"Action! Not Words" Def Leppard
"The Addams Family Theme" Vic Mizzy
"Addams Groove" MC Hammer
"Adeline" alt-J
"Addicted" Simple Plan
"Addicted to Love" Robert Palmer
"Adore You" Miley Cyrus
"Adored" Collective Soul
"Adored" Miranda Cosgrove
"Adult Diversion" Alvvays
"After All" Collective Soul
"After Midnight" Blink-182
"After the Afterparty" Charli XCX featuring Lil Yachty
"After the Fall" Journey
"After the Love Has Gone" Earth, Wind & Fire
"Afterlife" Hailee Steinfeld
"Again" Flyleaf
"Ain't Giving Up" Craig David and Sigala
"Ain't No Other Man" Christina Aguilera
"Ain't No Cure for Love" Leonard Cohen
"Ain't No Mountain High Enough" Lana Del Rey
"Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg" TLC
"Airplanes" B.o.B featuring Hayley Williams of Paramore
"Airwaves" Brett Kissel
"Alice" Avril Lavigne
"Alive" The Black Eyed Peas
"Alive" Jennifer Lopez
"Alive" Krewella
"Alive" Pearl Jam
"All About the Love Again" Stevie Wonder
"All About That Bass" Meghan Trainor
"All Alone on Christmas" Darlene Love
"All Around Me" Flyleaf
"All Around the World" Cooler Kids
"All Around the World" Oasis
"All Day" Lisa Loeb
"All Day" Cody Simpson
"All I Have to Give" Backstreet Boys
"All I Hear" Kate Alexa
"All I Need" Bethany Dillon
"All I Want" Toad the Wet Sprocket
"All I Want" Walk the Moon
"All I Want for Christmas Is You" Mariah Carey
"All I Want Is Everything" Def Leppard
"All I Want Is Everything" Victoria Justice
"All I Want Is You" 911
"All In" Lifehouse
"All Night" Walk the Moon
"All Night Long" Buckcherry
"All of the Lights" Kanye West featuring Rihanna
"All Shook Up" Elvis Presley
"All Stand Up" Status Quo
"All Star" Smash Mouth
"All That She Wants" Ace of Base
"All the Boys Want" Emily Osment
"All the Days" Haerts
"All the Right Moves" OneRepublic
"All the Way Up" Emily Osment
"All the Ways" Meghan Trainor
"All the Wrong Places" Example
"All These Lives" Daughtry
"All Time High" Rita Coolidge
"All Too Human" The Rakes
"All Too Well" Taylor Swift
"All We Ever Knew" The Head and the Heart
"All We Have Is Love" Sabrina Carpenter
"All We Needed" Craig David
"All You Wanted" Michelle Branch
"All Your Life" The Band Perry
"Almost" Bowling for Soup
"Alone" Lasgo
"Alone" Marshmello
"Along the Road" Karmin
"Alphabet Boy" Melanie Martinez
"Alter Ego" Clique Girlz
"Always in My Head" Coldplay
"Always There" Kate Alexa
"Always Tomorrow" Gloria Estefan
"Amarillo Sky" Jason Aldean
"America's Suitehearts" Fall Out Boy
"America's Sweetheart" Elle King
"American" Lana Del Rey
"American Boy" Estelle featuring Kanye West
"An American Family" The Oak Ridge Boys
"American Girls" Counting Crows
"American Honey" Lady Antebellum
"American Idiot" Green Day
"American Made" The Oak Ridge Boys
"American Ride" Toby Keith
"American Soldier" Toby Keith
"Amerika" Rammstein
"Amnesia" Cherish
"Amongst the Waves" Pearl Jam
"Amsterdam" Imagine Dragons
"And Love Goes On" Earth, Wind & Fire
"Angel of Harlem" U2
"Angel's Eye" Aerosmith
"Angels" The xx
"Angels with Dirty Faces" Sugababes
"Animal" Def Leppard
"Animal" Kesha
"Animal" Neon Trees
"Animal" Pearl Jam
"Animal Farm" The Kinks
"Animal Nation" Peter Gabriel
"Animals" Martin Garrix
"Animals" Nickelback
"Anna Sun" Walk the Moon
"Anna Wintour" Azealia Banks
"Another Brick in the Wall" Pink Floyd
"Another Dumb Blonde" Hoku
"Another Hit and Run" Def Leppard
"Another Love Song" Insane Clown Posse
"Another One Bites the Dust" Queen
"Another Sad Love Song" Toni Braxton
"Another Story" The Head and the Heart
"Another Way to Die" Jack White and Alicia Keys
"Another's Arms" Coldplay
"The Answer to Our Life" Backstreet Boys
"The Anthem" Good Charlotte
"Anticipating" Britney Spears
"Anxiety" Julia Michaels featuring Selena Gomez
"Any Man of Mine" Shania Twain
"Any Ol' Barstool" Jason Aldean
"Anyone" Demi Lovato
"Anything" JoJo
"Anything but Ordinary" Avril Lavigne
"Anything Could Happen" Ellie Goulding
"Anyway" CeeLo Green
"Anywhere" Rita Ora
"Apeman" The Kinks
"Apologize" OneRepublic
"Applause" Lady Gaga
"Apples and Oranges" Pink Floyd
"Arabella" Arctic Monkeys
"Archie, Marry Me" Alvvays
"Are We Ourselves?" The Fixx
"Are You Happy Now?" Michelle Branch
"Are You That Somebody?" Aaliyah
"Armageddon It" Def Leppard
"Armed and Dangerous" Juice Wrld
"Arms" Christina Perri
"The Arms of Orion" Prince with Sheena Easton
"Around the World" Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Around the World (La La La La La)" ATC
"Art Deco" Lana Del Rey
"As" Stevie Wonder
"As Good as New" ABBA
"As If" Sara Evans
"As If It's Your Last" Blackpink
"As Long as You Love Me" Justin Bieber featuring Big Sean
"Asche zu Asche" Rammstein
"Ash Like Snow" The Brilliant Green
"Ask Me How I Am" Snow Patrol
"Ask Me Why" The Beatles
"Astronaut" Simple Plan
"Astronaut in the Ocean" Masked Wolf
"At My Best" Machine Gun Kelly featuring Hailee Steinfeld
"At My Most Beautiful" R.E.M.
"At the River" Groove Armada
"Atlantic City" Bruce Springsteen
"Atlantis" Bridgit Mendler featuring Kaiydo
"Atomic Dog" George Clinton
"Attack of Panic" Aly & AJ
"Attention" Charlie Puth
"Audition (The Fools Who Dream)" Emma Stone
"August 30th" Delirious?
"Aural Psynapse" Deadmau5
"Automatic" Miranda Lambert
"Automatic" Nicki Minaj
"Automatic Flowers" Our Lady Peace
"Autumn Love" Death Cab for Cutie
"Avaritia" Deadmau5
"Ave Satani" Jerry Goldsmith
"Awakening" Switchfoot
"Away from Me" Puddle of Mudd
"Away from the Sun" 3 Doors Down
"Axel F" Crazy Frog
"B.L.O.S.S.O.M." Komeda
"B.M.F. (Blowin' Money Fast)" Rick Ross featuring Styles P
"Babel" Mumford & Sons
"Baby Come On Home" Led Zeppelin
"Baby Doll" Girlicious
"Baby Got Back" Sir Mix-a-Lot
"Baby It's You" JoJo featuring Bow Wow
"...Baby One More Time" Britney Spears
"Baby You Don't Wanna Know" Sum 41
"Baby, I Love Your Way" Peter Frampton
"Back in 84" Delta Goodrem
"Back on the Train" Phish
"Back to Life" Hailee Steinfeld
"Back to Me" Lindsay Lohan
"Back to You" Selena Gomez
"Back Up" Danity Kane
"Backbone" Daughtry
"Backflip" Raven-Symoné
"Backwaters" Drenge
"Bad at Love" Halsey
"Bad Blood" Taylor Swift featuring Kendrick Lamar
"Bad Boys" Cierra Ramirez
"Bad Day" Daniel Powter
"Bad Girls" M.I.A.
"Bad Guy" Billie Eilish
"Bad Liar" Selena Gomez
"Bad Moon Rising" Creedence Clearwater Revival
"Bad Romance" Lady Gaga
"Bad Things" Machine Gun Kelly and Camila Cabello
"Baggage Claim" Miranda Lambert
"Ball and Biscuit" The White Stripes
"The Ballad of Mona Lisa" Panic! at the Disco
"The Ballad of the Lonesome Cowboy" Chris Stapleton
"BAM" Miranda Cosgrove
"Bang Bang Bang" Selena Gomez & the Scene
"Banjo" Rascal Flatts
"Banquet" Bloc Party
"Barbie Girl" Aqua
"Barefoot and Buckwild" Lauren Alaina
"Basket Case" Green Day
"Batdance" Prince
"Bathwater" No Doubt
"Battlefield" Jordin Sparks
"Battleships" Daughtry
"BB Good" Jonas Brothers
"BB Talk" Miley Cyrus
"BBD" Azealia Banks
"Be Good Johnny" Men at Work
"Be Good to Me" Ashley Tisdale
"Be Good to Yourself" Journey
"Be Happy" Dixie D'Amelio
"Be Like Me" Lil Pump featuring Lil Wayne
"Be Like That" 3 Doors Down
"Be Strong" Delta Goodrem
"Be the One" Dua Lipa
"Be Without You" Mary J. Blige
"Beast of Burden" The Rolling Stones
"Beat It" Michael Jackson
"Beat of My Heart" Hilary Duff
"Beautiful" Christina Aguilera
"Beautiful 'Cause You Love Me" Girls Aloud
"Beautiful Disaster" Kelly Clarkson
"Beautiful Girls" Sean Kingston
"Beautiful Liar" Beyoncé and Shakira
"Beautiful Life" Ace of Base
"Beautiful Mess" Miranda Cosgrove
"Beautiful People Beautiful Problems" Lana Del Rey featuring Stevie Nicks
"Beautiful Soul" Jesse McCartney
"Beautiful World" Devo
"Beauty and the Beat" Justin Bieber featuring Nicki Minaj
"Because I Love You" Montaigne
"Beekeeper's Daughter" The All-American Rejects
"Before You Kill Us All" Randy Travis
"Before Your Love" Kelly Clarkson
"Beg for It" Iggy Azalea featuring MØ
"Beggin' on Your Knees" Victoria Justice
"Behind These Hazel Eyes" Kelly Clarkson
"Behind Those Eyes" 3 Doors Down
"Bel Air" Lana Del Rey
"Believe" Cher
"Believe" Mumfords & Sons
"A Belle to Remember" Hayley Kiyoko
"Bellyache" Billie Eilish
"The Best Damn Thing" Avril Lavigne
"Best Friend" 50 Cent featuring Olivia
"Best Friend" Brandy
"Best Friend" C.T.F.G.
"Best Friend" Foster the People
"Best Friend's Brother" Victoria Justice
"Best I Ever Had" Gavin DeGraw
"Best Mistake" Ariana Grande featuring Big Sean
"Best of Me" Daniel Powter
"Best Song Ever" One Direction
"Best Years of Our Lives" Baha Men
"Bet I" B.o.B featuring T.I. and Playboy Tre
"Bette Davis Eyes" Kim Carnes
"Better" Jennette McCurdy
"Better Dig Two" The Band Perry
"Better in Boots" Tyler Farr
"Better in Time" Leona Lewis
"Better Now" Collective Soul
"Better Off Alone" Alice Deejay
"Better Than I Know Myself" Adam Lambert
"Better Things" The Kinks
"Better When I'm Dancin'" Meghan Trainor
"Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace" Big & Rich
"Between Two Fires" Gary Morris
"Beverly Hills" Weezer
"Beyond Those Years" The Oak Ridge Boys
"Bickenhead" Cardi B
"Biding My Time" Pink Floyd
"Big Blue" Vampire Weekend
"Big Casino" Jimmy Eat World
"Big Eyes" Lana Del Rey
"Big Girls Don't Cry" Fergie
"Big Green Tractor" Jason Aldean
"Big Gun" AC/DC
"Big Love in a Small Town" Lady Antebellum
"Big Time" Peter Gabriel
"Biggest Mistake" The Rolling Stones
"Biko" Peter Gabriel
"Billie Jean" Michael Jackson
"Billy S." Skye Sweetnam
"Biology" Girls Aloud
"Bird on the Wire" Leonard Cohen
"The Birdman" Our Lady Peace
"Birds of a Feather" Phish
"Birthday" The Beatles
"Birthday" Selena Gomez
"Birthday" Katy Perry
"Biscuits" Kacey Musgraves
"Bittersweet Tragedy" Melanie Martinez
"Black Beauty" Lana Del Rey
"Black Country Woman" Led Zeppelin
"Black Limousine" The Rolling Stones
"Black Mirror" Arcade Fire
"Black or White" Michael Jackson
"Black Sun" Death Cab for Cutie
"Black Treacle" Arctic Monkeys
"Black, Red, Yellow" Pearl Jam
"The Blackest Day" Lana Del Rey
"Blame" Collective Soul
"Blame It on My Heart" Karmin
"Blank Space" Taylor Swift
"Bleed" Collective Soul
"Bleed" Hot Chelle Rae
"Bleed It" Blueface
"The Bleeding" Five Finger Death Punch
"Bleeding Love" Leona Lewis
"Bleeding Out" Imagine Dragons
"Blinded by the Light" Bruce Springsteen
"Blitzkrieg Bop" Ramones
"Blood of Eden" Peter Gabriel
"Blood in My Eyes" Sum 41
"Bloodflood" alt-J
"Bloodsports" Drenge
"Bloom" Troye Sivan
"Blow" Beyoncé
"Blow" Kesha
"Blow Your Mind (Mwah)" Dua Lipa
"Blowin' Smoke" Kacey Musgraves
"Blue (Da Ba Dee)" Eiffel 65
"Blue Jeans" Lana Del Rey
"Blue Orchid" The White Stripes
"Blue River" Elvis Presley
"Bluebird" Miranda Lambert
"Bluebird" Christina Perri
"Blues Power" Eric Clapton
"Blurry" Puddle of Mudd
"Bobbie Sue" The Oak Ridge Boys
"Bodak Yellow" Cardi B
"Bodies" Drowning Pool
"Body Electric" Lana Del Rey
"Body Say" Demi Lovato
"Bodyrock" Moby
"Bodyshakin'" 911
"Bohemian Rhapsody" Queen
"Bonfire" Craig Morgan
"Bonfire of the City Boys" Drenge
"Bonfire Heart" James Blunt
"Boogie Shoes" KC and the Sunshine Band
"Boom Boom" Rye Rye
"Boom Boom Pow" The Black Eyed Peas
"Boom Clap" Charli XCX
"Boom Shack-A-Lak" Apache Indian
"Boombastic" Shaggy
"Boombayah" Blackpink
"Boombox" Laura Marano
"Boots & Boys" Kesha
"Borderline" Madonna
"Bored to Death" Blink-182
"Born in the U.S.A." Bruce Springsteen
"Born This Way" Lady Gaga
"Born to Die" Lana Del Rey
"Born to Fly" Sara Evans
"Born to Make You Happy" Britney Spears
"Born to Try" Delta Goodrem
"Boss Bitch" Doja Cat
"Boss of Me" They Might Be Giants
"Bossy" Lindsay Lohan
"Boston" Augustana
"Bother" Stone Sour
"Bottle It Up" Sara Bareilles
"Bottle of Red Wine" Eric Clapton
"Boulevard of Broken Dreams" Green Day
"Bouncing Around the Room" Phish
"Boy with the Blues" Oasis
"Boyfriend" Best Coast
"Boyfriend" Big Time Rush featuring Snoop Dogg
"Boyfriend" Justin Bieber
"Boyfriend" Mabel
"Boyfriend" Selena Gomez
"Boys" Charli XCX
"Brand New You" Miranda Cosgrove
"Brave New Girl" Britney Spears
"Break Free" Ariana Grande featuring Zedd
"Break Stuff" Limp Bizkit
"Break the Ice" Britney Spears
"Break the Rules" Charli XCX
"Break the Walls" Fitz and The Tantrums
"Break Your Heart" Jennette McCurdy
"Break Your Heart" Taio Cruz
"Breakaway" Kelly Clarkson
"Breakdown" Daughtry
"Breakfast in America" Supertramp
"Breaking Free" Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens and Drew Seeley
"Breaking the Chain" Sum 41
"Breaking the Girl" Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Breathe" Michelle Branch
"Breathe Again" Toni Braxton
"Breathe Me" Sia
"Breezeblocks" alt-J
"Brianstorm" Arctic Monkeys
"Brick House" Commodores
"Bridges and Walls" The Oak Ridge Boys
"Bright" Echosmith
"Bright Lights Bigger City" CeeLo Green
"Brighter Than the Sun" Colbie Caillat
"Brilliant Disguise" Bruce Springsteeen
"Bring Back My Happiness" Moby
"Bring Me to Life" Evanescence
"Broke Us" Cierra Ramirez featuring Trevor Jackson
"Broken & Beautiful"" Kelly Clarkson
"Broken Umbrella" Jennette McCurdy
"Brokenhearted" Karmin
"Brooklyn Baby" Lana Del Rey
"Brothers on a Hotel Bed" Death Cab for Cutie
"Bruce" Rick Springfield
"Bruised" Sugababes
"Bubbles" Dressy Bessy
"Bubbly" Colbie Caillat
"Bucket" Carly Rae Jepsen
"Buckets of Rain" Bob Dylan
"Buddy Holly" Weezer
"Bullets in the Gun" Toby Keith
"Bury a Friend" Billie Eilish
"Burnin' It Down" Jason Aldean
"Burnin' Up" Jonas Brothers
"Burning Desire" Lana Del Rey
"Burning Gold" Christina Perri
"Burning the Ground" Duran Duran
"But I Feel Good" Groove Armada
"But It's Better If You Do" Panic! at the Disco
"Buttercup (I'm a Super Girl)" Shonen Knife
"Butterfly" Crazy Town
"Butterfly" Mariah Carey
"Butterflies" Kacey Musgraves
"Buzzcut Season" Lorde
"Bye Bye Bye" NSYNC
"C7osure (You Like)" Lil Nas X
"Cake" Melanie Martinez
"Cake by the Ocean" DNCE
"California Girls" The Beach Boys
"California Gurls" Katy Perry featuring Snoop Dogg
"California Nights" Best Coast
"Call It What You Want" Foster the People
"Call It Whatever" Bella Thorne
"Call Me Maybe" Carly Rae Jepsen
"Call Me When You're Sober" Evanescence
"Call the Shots" Girls Aloud
"Called Out in the Dark" Snow Patrol
"Calling All Angels" Train
"Calling All the Monsters" China Anne McClain
"Calling America" Electric Light Orchestra
"Came Here to Forget" Blake Shelton
"Cameo Lover" Kimbra
"Can We Dance" The Vamps
"Can't Be Bothered" The Fight
"Can't Be Tamed" Miley Cyrus
"Can't Blame a Girl for Trying" Sabrina Carpenter
"Can't Bring This Down" Bridgit Mendler featuring Pell
"Can't Deny Me" Pearl Jam
"Can't Get You Out of My Head" Kylie Minogue
"Can't Hide Love" Earth, Wind & Fire
"Can't Rely on You" Paloma Faith
"Can't Sleep (Wolves)" Walk the Moon
"Can't Stop the Feeling!" Justin Timberlake
"Candy" Doja Cat
"Candy" Mandy Moore
"Candy Cane Children" The White Stripes
"Candy Store Rock" Led Zeppelin
"Cannonball" Showtek & Justin Prime
"Capital Letters" Hailee Steinfeld and BloodPop
"Carousel" Blink-182
"Careless Memories" Duran Duran
"Carnaval" Maluma
"Carousel" Melanie Martinez
"The Carpet Crawlers" Genesis
"Casper the Friendly Ghost" Little Richard
"Catch a Wave" The Beach Boys
"Catch Me (I'm Falling)" Pretty Poison
"Catch My Breath" Kelly Clarkson
"Catch Your Wave" The Click Five
"Caught by the Fuzz" Supergrass
"Caught in a Moment" Sugababes
"Caught Up" Usher
"The Cave" Mumford & Sons
"Cavern" Phish
"Cedarwood Road" U2
"Celebrate the Rain" Sidney Samson and Eva Simons
"Celebration" Kool & the Gang
"Celebrity Skin" Hole
"Centuries" Fall Out Boy
"Chained" The xx
"Chainsaw" The Band Perry
"Chalk Dust Torture" Phish
"Chandelier" Sia
"Change" Sugababes
"Change His Ways" Robert Palmer
"Change the World" Eric Clapton
"Channel Z" The B-52's
"Chariot" Gavin DeGraw
"Chariots of Fire" Vangelis
"Charlie Brown" Coldplay
"Charlotte Sometimes" The Cure
"Chasing Cars" Snow Patrol
"Chasing Pavements" Adele
"Chasm" Flyleaf
"Cheapskate" Supergrass
"Cheated on Me" Gavin DeGraw
"Cheatin'" Sara Evans
"Check Your Head" Buckcherry
"Chemical X" Cherish
"Chemicals React" Aly & AJ
"Cherish" Madonna
"Cherry Bomb" The Runaways
"Chick Magnet" MxPx
"Chicken Dance" Werner Thomas
"Chicken Huntin'" Insane Clown Posse
"Children of the Revolution" T. Rex
"Chinese Food" Alison Gold
"Chloroform" Phoenix
"Chocolate" Snow Patrol
"Choke" OneRepublic
"Christian Woman" Type O Negative
"Christmas in the Sand" Colbie Caillat
"Cigarettes & Alcohol" Oasis
"Cinema" Benny Benassi featuring Gary Go
"Circumstances" Rush
"Circus" Britney Spears
"A City in Florida" Deadmau5
"City Is Ours" Big Time Rush
"City of Angels" The Head and the Heart
"City of Blinding Lights" U2
"City of Stars" Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone
"City with No Children" Arcade Fire
"Class Fight" Melanie Martinez
"Clean Up Your Own Backyard" Elvis Presley
"Cliff's Edge" Hayley Kiyoko
"The Climb" Miley Cyrus
"The Clincher" Chevelle
"Clocks" Coldplay
"Close Enemies" Example
"Close to Love" Girls Aloud
"Closer to the Heart" Rush
"Closure" Chevelle
"Club" Kelsea Ballerini
"Clumsy" Fergie
"Coalmine" Sara Evans
"Coffee Shop" Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Cola" Lana Del Rey
"Cold Water" Major Lazer featuring Justin Bieber and MØ
"Cold Wind" Arcade Fire
"Collection of Goods" Collective Soul
"Colonel Bogey March" Kenneth J. Alford
"Colors" Jason Derulo
"Colors" OneRepublic
"Colour My World" Chicago
"Columbia" Oasis
"Come & Get It" Selena Gomez
"Come Back and Stay" Paul Young
"Come Back Down to Earth" Jackson Harris
"Come Back to Me" Vanessa Hudgens
"Come Clean" Hilary Duff
"Come Dancing" The Kinks
"Come Get It Babe" Pharrell Williams
"Come On Come On" Smash Mouth
"Come Out and Play" Billie Eilish
"Come Wake Me Up" Rascal Flatts
"Come with Me (Pure Imagination)" Karmin
"Comeback Kid" The Band Perry
"Comin' to Your City" Big & Rich
"Comin' Under Fire" Def Leppard
"Coming Out of the Dark" Gloria Estefan
"Communication Breakdown" Led Zeppelin
"Compass" Lady Antebellum
"Complicated" Avril Lavigne
"Compliment" Collective Soul
"Confide in Me" Kylie Minogue
"Congo" Genesis
"Connection" OneRepublic
"Consolation Prizes" Phoenix
"Contagious Love" Zendaya and Bella Thorne
"Control" Puddle of Mudd
"Control of the Knife" Girls Aloud
"Cool" Gwen Stefani
"Cool for the Summer" Demi Lovato
"Cool Jerk" The Capitols
"Cool Kids" Echosmith
"Cooler than Me" Mike Posner
"Cornerstone" Arctic Monkeys
"Couldn't Be Better" Kelly Clarkson
"Countdown" Beyoncé
"Counterfeit" Limp Bizkit
"Counting Stars" OneRepublic
"Counting the Days" Collective Soul
"Country Comes to Town" Toby Keith
"Cousins" Vampire Weekend
"Cover Me" Bruce Springsteen
"Cowboy Boogie" Randy Travis
"Cowboy Man" Lyle Lovett
"Cowboy Style" Kylie Minogue
"Cozy Little Christmas" Katy Perry
"Crab Rave" Noisestorm
"Crack the Shutters" Snow Patrol
"Crank It Up" Ashley Tisdale
"Crash & Burn" Sugababes
"Crash Your Party" Karmin
"Crashed" Daughtry
"Crawling Back to You" Daughtry
"Crawling in the Dark" Hoobastank
"Crazy" Aerosmith
"Crazy" Gnarls Barkley
"Crazy" Simple Plan
"Crazy Bitch" Buckcherry
"Crazy for You" Best Coast
"Crazy for You" Madonna
"Crazy Kids" Kesha featuring will.i.am
"Crazy Little Party Girl" Aaron Carter
"Crazy Town" Jason Aldean
"Creep" TLC
"Creepy Green Light" Type O Negative
"Crew Love" Drake featuring The Weeknd
"Crooked Teeth" Death Cab for Cutie
"Crowded Head" Collective Soul
"Crown Imperial" William Walton
"Crown on the Ground" Sleigh Bells
"Cruel Summer" Bananarama
"Cruise" Florida Georgia Line
"Crush" David Archuleta
"Crush" I.O.I
"Crush" Mandy Moore
"Crush with Eyeliner" R.E.M.
"Cry Baby" Melanie Martinez
"Cry for You" September
"Crying Lightning" Arctic Monkeys
"Crystalised" The xx
"Cuba Libre" Gloria Estefan
"Cupid" Daniel Powter
"Curious" Hayley Kiyoko
"Cut Here" The Cure
"Cut to the Feeling" Carly Rae Jepsen
"Cut You Off" Selena Gomez
"Cut Your Ribbon" Sparta
"Cuts Both Ways" Gloria Estefan
"Cynical" Katelyn Tarver
"D.I.Y." Peter Gabriel
"D'yer Mak'er" Led Zeppelin
"Damage" Jimmy Eat World
"Damaged" Danity Kane
"Damaged" TLC
"Dance Again" Jennifer Lopez
"Dance Again" Selena Gomez
"Dance Floor Anthem (I Don't Want to Be in Love)" Good Charlotte
"Dance Hall Days" Wang Chung
"Dance Inside" The All-American Rejects
"Dance Me to the End of Love" Leonard Cohen
"Dance of the Clairvoyants" Pearl Jam
"Dance of the Reed Flutes" Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
"Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
"Dance to This" Troye Sivan featuring Ariana Grande
"Dance, Dance" Fall Out Boy
"Dancin' Away with My Heart" Lady Antebellum
"Dancing Crazy" Miranda Cosgrove
"Dancing Days" Led Zeppelin
"Dancing in Berlin" Berlin
"Dancing in the Dark" Bruce Springsteen
"Dancing Queen" ABBA
"Dancing Shoes" Gavin DeGraw
"Dancing with a Broken Heart" Delta Goodrem
"Dangerous Woman" Ariana Grande
"Dark Horse" Katy Perry featuring Juicy J
"Dark Horses" Switchfoot
"Dark Paradise" Lana Del Rey
"Dark Side" Kelly Clarkson
"The Day Before You Came" ABBA
"The Day We Find Love" 911
"Days Go By" Dirty Vegas
"Daysleeper" R.E.M.
"Ddu-Du Ddu-Du" Blackpink
"Dead" Buckcherry
"Dead Again" Buckcherry
"Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground" The White Stripes
"Dead on Arrival" Fall Out Boy
"Deadbeat Club" The B-52's
"Deadcrush" alt-J
"Dear Future Husband" Meghan Trainor
"Dear Maria, Count Me In" All Time Low
"Dear Me" Taeyeon
"Death of a Bachelor" Panic! at the Disco
"December" Collective Soul
"Decode" Paramore
"Deeply Dippy" Right Said Fred
"Deer in the Headlights" Owl City
"Déjà Vu" 3OH!3
"Delicious" Shampoo
"Delicious" Sleeper
"Denial" Sugababes
"The Denial Twist" The White Stripes
"Desert Song" Def Leppard
"Detention" Melanie Martinez
"Determinate" Bridgit Mendler featuring Adam Hicks
"Deuces Are Wild" Aerosmith
"Deutschland" Rammstein
"The Devil Is a Lie" Rick Ross featuring Jay-Z
"Devotion" Earth, Wind & Fire
"Diamonds" Rihanna
"Diamonds Are Forever" Shirley Bassey
"Dibs" Kelsea Ballerini
"Did It Ever Cross My Mind" Vanessa Hudgens
"Did It On'em" Nicki Minaj
"Didn't I" OneRepublic
"Didn't Know You" Karmin
"Die Another Day" Madonna
"Die in Your Arms" Justin Bieber
"Different Colors" Walk the Moon
"Different World" Iron Maiden
"Dig" Collective Soul
"Diggin' on You" TLC
"Digging in the Dirt" Peter Gabriel
"Digital (Did You Tell)" Stone Sour
"Dime Store Cowgirl" Kacey Musgraves
"Dinosaur" Kesha
"Dirt Road Anthem" Jason Aldean
"Dirty Dancing" New Kids on the Block
"Dirty Laundry" Nickelback
"Dirty Little Secret" The All-American Rejects
"Dirty Second Hands" Switchfoot
"Disaster" JoJo
"Discipline of Love" Robert Palmer
"Disco Dancer" Devo
"Disconnect" Clean Bandit and Marina and the Diamonds
"Disgusting" Miranda Cosgrove
"Disturbia" Rihanna
"Ditmas" Mumford & Sons
"Diving" Bridgit Mendler featuring RKCB
"DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love" Usher
"Do I Do" Stevie Wonder
"Do I Wanna Know?" Arctic Monkeys
"Do Me a Favor" Stone Sour
"Do What U Like" Take That
"Do You Feel Like We Do" Peter Frampton
"Do You Love Me Like You Used To" Best Coast
"Do You Miss Me at All" Bridgit Mendler
"Doin' Fine" Lauren Alaina
"Doin' Time" Lana Del Rey
"Doing It Wrong" Drake
"Dollhouse" Melanie Martinez
"Domino" Jessie J
"Don't Be My Enemy" Wang Chung
"Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love You)" Shania Twain
"Don't Break Me" Montaigne
"Don't Bring Me Down" Electric Light Orchestra
"Don't Call Me Angel" Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Rey
"Don't Call Me Baby" Madison Avenue
"Don't Call Me Up" Mabel
"Don't Come Around Here No More" Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
"Don't Do Me Like That" Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
"Don't Fail Me Now" Melanie Amaro
"Don't Fake This" Chevelle
"Don't Forget" Demi Lovato
"Don't Forget About Us" Mariah Carey
"Don't Forget to Dance" The Kinks
"Don't Forget to Remember Me" Carrie Underwood
"Don't Give Up" Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush
"Don't Go Away" Buckcherry
"Don't Go Away" Oasis
"Don't Go Breaking My Heart" Backstreet Boys
"Don't Go Changing" Aly & AJ
"Don't Gotta Work It Out" Fitz and The Tantrums
"Don't Hang Up" The Orlons
"Don't Hold the Wall" Justin Timberlake
"Don't Know What to Do" Blackpink
"Don't Leave" Snakehips and MØ
"Don't Let Go" Miles Fisher
"Don't Let the Man Get You Down" Fatboy Slim
"Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know" Britney Spears
"Don't Let Me Be Lonely" The Band Perry
"Don't Let Me Fall" B.o.B
"Don't Let Me Go" The Click Five
"Don't Lie" The Black Eyed Peas
"Don't Look Back in Anger" Oasis
"Don't Look Down" Martin Garrix featuring Usher
"Don't Look Down" OneRepublic
"Don't Look Down" The Sugarplastic
"Don't Love You No More (I'm Sorry)" Craig David
"Don't Make Me Wait" 911
"Don't Matter" Akon
"Don't Panic" Coldplay
"Don't Phunk with My Heart" The Black Eyed Peas
"Don't Say You Love Me" M2M
"Don't Shoot (I'm a Man)" Devo
"Don't Shoot Shotgun" Def Leppard
"Don't Shut Me Down" ABBA
"Don't Sit Down 'Cause I Moved Your Chair" Arctic Monkeys
"Don't Speak" No Doubt
"Don't Start Now" Dua Lipa
"Don't Stop" 5 Seconds of Summer
"Don't Stop Believin'" Journey
"Don't Stop the Music" Rihanna
"Don't Talk Just Kiss" Right Said Fred
"Don't Tell Me" Avril Lavigne
"Don't Trust Me" 3OH!3
"Don't Wanna Dance"
"Don't Wanna Go Home" Jason Derulo
"Don't Wanna Think About You" Simple Plan
"Don't Want to Leave You" Scouting for Girls
"Don't Waste Your Time" Kelly Clarkson
"Don't Worry, Be Happy" Bobby McFerrin
"Don't You (Forget About Me)" Simple Minds
"Don't You Just Hate Those People" Jennette McCurdy
"Don't You Know" Devo
"Don't!" Shania Twain
"Donald Trump" Mac Miller
"Doncamatic" Gorillaz featuring Daley
"Done" The Band Perry
"Dooo It!" Miley Cyrus
"Doowutchyalike" Digital Underground
"Dosed" Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Double Vision" 3OH!3
"Doubleback" ZZ Top
"Down in the Valley" The Head and the Heart
"Down on the Corner" Creedence Clearwater Revival
"Down to Earth" Justin Bieber
"Down to Earth" Peter Gabriel featuring The Soweto Gospel Choir
"Down Under" Men at Work
"Down with Disease" Phish
"Down with the Sickness" Disturbed
"Downtown" Lady Antebellum
"Dragon Attack" Queen
"Drama Club" Melanie Martinez
"Draw the Line" Aerosmith
"Dream About Me" Moby
"Dream Girls" I.O.I
"Dream Walkin'" Toby Keith
"Dreams" The Cranberries
"Dreams Come True" Ashley Argota
"Dreams Die Hard" Gary Morris
"Dreams to Dream" Linda Ronstadt
"Dreamy Lady" T. Rex
"Dressin' Up" Katy Perry
"Drift" Emily Osment
"Drift & Die" Puddle of Mudd
"Drinks After Work" Toby Keith
"Drive Away" The All-American Rejects
"Drive By" Train
"Driver 8" R.E.M.
"Drivers License" Olivia Rodrigo
"Drop Dead Gorgeous" Republica
"Drop It Low" Ester Dean featuring Chris Brown
"Drop the Hate" Fatboy Slim
"Drowning" Crazy Town
"Drunk Americans" Toby Keith
"Du hast" Rammstein
"Du riechst so gut" Rammstein
"Duchess" Genesis
"Duck and Run" 3 Doors Down
"Duel of the Fates" John Williams
"Dumb Love" Sean Kingston
"Dune Buggy" The Presidents of the United States of America
"Dying Breed" Five Finger Death Punch
"Dynamite" Taio Cruz
"E.T." Katy Perry featuring Kanye West
"East Jesus Nowhere" Green Day
"Easy" Sugababes
"Edge of a Revolution" Nickelback
"The Edge of Glory" Lady Gaga
"Eenie Meenie" Sean Kingston and Justin Bieber
"Eighteen Inches" Lauren Alaina
"El Capitan" John Philip Sousa
"El Dorado" Iron Maiden
"Elastic Heart" Sia featuring The Weeknd and Diplo
"Electric Youth" Debbie Gibson
"Electrolite" R.E.M.
"Elevate" Big Time Rush
"Elvis Ain't Dead" Scouting for Girls
"Emperor's New Clothes" Panic! at the Disco
"Empty" The Click Five
"Empty Threat" Chvrches
"End of the Road" Boyz II Men
"End of the World" Kelsea Ballerini
"The End of the World" The Cure
"End of Time" Beyoncé
"Endless Slaughter" Limp Bizkit
"Enemies" Ryan Cabrera
"Enemiez" Keke Palmer featuring Jeremih
"Engel" Rammstein
"Enjoy the Ride" Krewella
"Enough Said" Aaliyah featuring Drake
"The Entertainer" Scott Joplin
"Entertainment" Phoenix
"Eradication Instincts Defined" Dimmu Borgir
"Europa and the Pirate Twins" Thomas Dolby
"Evacuate the Dancefloor" Cascada
"Even Better Than the Real Thing" U2
"Even Flow" Pearl Jam
"Even the Losers" Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
"Ever Enough" A Rocket to the Moon
"Every Breaking Wave" U2
"Every Friday Afternoon" Craig Morgan
"Every Heart Broken" Sugababes
"Every Kinda People" Robert Palmer
"Every Other Freckle" alt-J
"Every Other Time" LFO
"Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall" Coldplay
"Every Time I Hear That Song" Blake Shelton
"Every Time You Let Go" 3 Doors Down
"Everybody Have Fun Tonight" Wang Chung
"Everybody Talks" Neon Trees
"Everybody Wants to Rule the World" Tears for Fears
"Everybody's Fool" Evanescence
"Everyone I Love Is Dead" Type O Negative
"Everything" Buckcherry
"Everything" Collective Soul
"Everything Dies" Type O Negative
"Everything Has Changed" Taylor Swift featuring Ed Sheeran
"Everything I Need" Men at Work
"Everything I Wanted" Billie Eilish
"Everytime" Britney Spears
"Everytime You Touch Me" Moby
"Everywhere" Michelle Branch
"Evil" Earth, Wind & Fire
"Ex's & Oh's" Elle King
"Excuse Me Mr." No Doubt
"Explosions" Ellie Goulding
"Extraordinary" Mandy Moore
"Extreme Ways" Moby
"Eye of the Tiger" Survivor
"Face Drop" Sean Kingston
"Face Like a Skull" Drenge
"Face of Love" Miranda Cosgrove
"Face to the Floor" Chevelle
"The Fairest of the Fair" John Philip Sousa
"Faith" Stevie Wonder featuring Ariana Grande
"Faithfully" Journey
"Fake Tales of San Francisco" Arctic Monkeys
"Fall to Pieces" Avril Lavigne
"Fallin'" Alicia Keys
"Falling Down" Selena Gomez & the Scene
"Family Snapshot" Peter Gabriel
"Famous" Charli XCX
"Famous" Nathan Sykes
"Famous" Puddle of Mudd
"Famous" Scouting for Girls
"Famous Blue Raincoat" Leonard Cohen
"Fancy" Iggy Azalea featuring Charli XCX
"Far Away" Nickelback
"Fascinated" Company B
"Fashion Is My Kryptonite" Bella Thorne and Zendaya
"Fast Enough for You" Phish
"Fastest Girl in Town" Miranda Lambert
"Fat Lip" Sum 41
"Father and Daughter" Paul Simon
"Father and Son" Cat Stevens
"Favourite Son" Drenge
"Faxing Berlin" Deadmau5
"Feed the Machine" Nickelback
"Feel Again" OneRepublic
"Feel Good Inc." Gorillaz featuring De La Soul
"Feel It Still" Portugal. The Man
"Feel Me" Selena Gomez
"Feel This Moment" Christina Aguilera
"Feel What You Want" Kristine W
"Feelin' Way Too Damn Good" Nickelback
"Feeling Ok" Best Coast
"Feeling So Real" Moby
"Feeling This" Blink-182
"Feelings" Hayley Kiyoko
"Feels Good to Be High" Walk the Moon
"Feels Like (It Feels Alright)" Collective Soul
"Feels Like Tonight" Daughtry
"Fell in Love with a Girl" The White Stripes
"Fetish" Selena Gomez featuring Gucci Mane
"Fight Song" Rachel Platten
"Figure 8" Ellie Goulding
"Figured You Out" Nickelback
"Filthy" Justin Timberlake
"The Final Countdown" Europe
"Final Heartbreak" Jessica Simpson
"Final Song"
"Find My Place" Samantha Boscarino
"Find the River" R.E.M.
"Find Your Love" Drake
"Finer Feelings" Kylie Minogue
"The Finer Things" Steve Winwood
"Fire Burning" Sean Kingston
"Fire n Gold" Bea Miller
"Fireflies" Owl City
"Firework" Katy Perry
"First Time" Jonas Brothers
"First Time" Lifehouse
"Fitzpleasure" alt-J
"Fix a Heart" Demi Lovato
"Fix You" Coldplay
"Flagpole Sitta" Harvey Danger
"Flashdance... What a Feeling" Irene Cara
"Flashlight" R3hab and Deorro
"Flattery" Aly & AJ
"Flawed" Delta Goodrem
"Flaws and All" Beyoncé
"Flight" Lifehouse
"Flipside" The Click Five
"Float On" Modest Mouse
"Fluorescent Adolescent" Arctic Monkeys
"Flux" Bloc Party
"Fly" Avril Lavigne
"The Fly" U2
"Fly Again" Kristine W
"Fly on the Wall" Miley Cyrus
"Fly Over States" Jason Aldean
"Fly to Your Heart" Selena Gomez
"Flying Without Wings" Westlife
"FML" Deadmau5
"Focus" Ariana Grande
"Follow Me Down" The Pretty Reckless
"Follow Me Home" Sugababes
"Follow Through" Gavin DeGraw
"Follow You Follow Me" Genesis
"Follow Your Arrow" Kacey Musgraves
"The Fonz" Smash Mouth
"Fool Again" Westlife
"Fool in the Rain" Led Zeppelin
"Fool's Gold" Aaron Carter
"Foolin'" Def Leppard
"Fools" Troye Sivan
"For the Love of a Daughter" Demi Lovato
"For the Movies" Buckcherry
"For the Road" Tyga featuring Chris Brown
"For Your Entertainment" Adam Lambert
"For Your Eyes Only" Sheena Easton
"Force of Nature" Oasis
"Forever" Chris Brown
"Forever Man" Eric Clapton
"Forever Young" Blackpink
"Forget About It" All Time Low
"Forget Forever" Selena Gomez
"Forgot to Laugh" Bridgit Mendler
"Fortunate Son" Creedence Clearwater Revival
"Found Out About You" Gin Blossoms
"Four Little Diamonds" Electric Light Orchestra
"Four Seasons" Taeyeon
"Four Sticks" Led Zeppelin
"Freak the Freak Out" Victoria Justice
"Freakum Dress" Beyoncé
"Free" Chicago
"Free Loop (One Night Stand)" Daniel Powter
"Freedom of Choice" Devo
"Freedom Overspill" Steve Winwood
"Freestyle" Lady Antebellum
"Fresh" Devo
"Friday" Rebecca Black
"Friends" Blake Shelton
"Friends with Enemies" Atlas Genius
"From Me to You" The Beatles
"From the Backseat" Lucy Hale
"From the Ground Up" Dan + Shay
"From This Moment On" Shania Twain
"Frontin'" Pharrell Williams featuring Jay-Z
"Froot" Marina and the Diamonds
"Fruit Machine" The Ting Tings
"Fuck Apologies" JoJo featuring Wiz Khalifa
"Fuck You" CeeLo Green
"Fuckin' Perfect" Pink
"Fully Alive" Flyleaf
"Funkytown" Lipps Inc.
"Future Looks Good" OneRepublic
"Futures" Jimmy Eat World
"Galaxies" Owl City
"Games" New Kids on the Block
"Games Without Frontiers" Peter Gabriel
"Gangnam Style" Psy
"Gardening at Night" R.E.M.
"Gates of Steel" Devo
"Geek Stink Breath" Green Day
"Gemini Dream" The Moody Blues
"Generate" Collective Soul
"Generation Love" Jennette McCurdy
"Genie in a Bottle" Christina Aguilera
"Gentle on My Mind" The Band Perry
"George Washington Bicentennial March" John Philip Sousa
"Georgia Girl" Collective Soul
"Georgia Peaches" Lauren Alaina
"Get 'Em Up" Nickelback
"Get Down on It" Kool & the Gang
"Get Down Tonight" KC and the Sunshine Band
"Get Free" Lana Del Rey
"Get Inside" Stone Sour
"Get Like Me" School Gyrls
"Get Me Bodied" Beyoncé
"Get on Your Feet" Gloria Estefan
"Get Out" Chvrches
"Get Over Me" Nick Carter featuring Avril Lavigne
"Get Over Yourself" Kelsea Ballerini
"Get Ready for This" 2 Unlimited
"Get Sexy" Sugababes
"Get the Girl Back" Hanson
"Get the Party Started" Pink
"Get Up" Superchick
"Get Your Shine On" Florida Georgia Line
"Getting Good" Lauren Alaina
"Getting to the Point" Electric Light Orchestra
"Ghost" Phish
"Ghostbusters" Ray Parker Jr.
"Ghosts" The Head and the Heart
"The Ghosts of Beverly Drive" Death Cab for Cutie
"Gift of a Friend" Demi Lovato
"Gimme That" Chris Brown featuring Lil Wayne
"Gingerbread Man" Melanie Martinez
"Girl All the Bad Guys Want" Bowling for Soup
"The Girl Can't Help It" Little Richard
"Girl Next Door" Saving Jane
"Girl on Fire" Alicia Keys
"Girl on TV" LFO
"Girl Power" The Cheetah Girls
"Girl Talk" TLC
"Girlfriend" Alicia Keys
"Girlfriend" Avril Lavigne
"Girlfriend" B2K
"Girls" Sugababes
"The Girls" Calvin Harris
"Girls & Boys" Good Charlotte
"Girls Fall Like Dominoes" Nicki Minaj
"Girls Just Want to Have Fun" Cyndi Lauper
"Girls Like Girls" Hayley Kiyoko
"Girls Night Out" Charli XCX
"Give a Little Bit" Supertramp
"Give It Away" Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Give Me Strength" Eric Clapton
"Give You What You Like" Avril Lavigne
"Give Your Heart a Break" Demi Lovato
"Given to Fly" Pearl Jam
"Gives You Hell" The All-American Rejects
"Giving You Up" Kylie Minogue
"Glad You Came" The Wanted
"Glamorous" Fergie featuring Ludacris
"Glass" Gavin DeGraw
"Glorified G" Pearl Jam
"Glory and Gore" Lorde
"Glory Days" Bruce Springsteen
"Go Home" Stevie Wonder
"Go Jimmy Jimmy" Aaron Carter
"Go Let It Out" Oasis
"Go Your Own Way" Fleetwood Mac
"Go! Monkey Go!" Devo
"God Bless the Child" Shania Twain
"God Is a Woman" Ariana Grande
"God Knows I Tried" Lana Del Rey
"God Must Really Love Me" Craig Morgan
"Gods & Monsters" Lana Del Rey
"Going Away to College" Blink-182
"Going Out" Supergrass
"Going Out of My Head" Fatboy Slim
"Going to a Town" Rufus Wainwright
"Going Under" Evanescence
"Gold" Victoria Justice
"Gold Dust Woman" Fleetwood Mac
"Gold Rush" Death Cab for Cutie
"GoldenEye" Tina Turner
"Goldfinger" Shirley Bassey
"Gone" Bebe Rexha
"Gone" Lasgo
"Good as Hell" Lizzo
"Good Company" Queen
"Good Enough" Evanescence
"Good for You" Selena Gomez featuring ASAP Rocky
"Good Girls" Elle King
"Good Goes the Bye" Kelly Clarkson
"Good Intent" Kimbra
"Good Morning After All" Collective Soul
"The Good Side" Troye Sivan
"Good Time" Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen
"Good Time to Be Alive" Lady Antebellum
"Good Times Bad Times" Led Zeppelin
"Good to Be Alive" Meghan Trainor
"Goodbye" Def Leppard
"Goodbye Gone" Lucy Hale
"Goodbye My Lover" James Blunt
"Goodbye to You" Michelle Branch
"Goodbye to You" Scandal
"Goodbye Town" Lady Antebellum
"Goodness Gracious" Ellie Goulding
"Goosebumpz" Mac Miller
"Gorilla" Bruno Mars
"Got This Feeling" Heather Russell
"Gots ta Be" B2K
"Gotta Be Somebody" Nickelback
"Gotta Be You" Sugababes
"Gotta Jibboo" Phish
"Graceland" Paul Simon
"Graffiti My Soul" Girls Aloud
"Grapevine Fires" Death Cab for Cutie
"Gravel to Tempo" Hayley Kiyoko
"Graveyard" Kelsea Ballerini
"Great Divide" Hanson
"Great DJ" The Ting Tings
"The Great Escape" Boys Like Girls
"Green Light" Beyoncé
"Green Light" Lorde
"Green Onions" Booker T. & the M.G.'s
"Green River" Creedence Clearwater Revival
"Greenlights" Krewella
"Grenade" Bruno Mars
"Grievance" Pearl Jam
"Gust of Wind" Pharrell Williams
"Guts" All Time Low
"A Guy Walks Into a Bar" Tyler Farr
"A Guy with a Girl" Blake Shelton
"The Gypsy's Wife" Leonard Cohen
"H.O.L.Y." Florida Georgia Line
"Haifisch" Rammstein
"Halfway Gone" Lifehouse
"Halleluhwah" Can
"Halloween" Siouxsie and the Banshees
"HandClap" Fitz and The Tantrums
"Hands Across the Sea" John Philip Sousa
"Hands Open" Snow Patrol
"Hands to Myself" Selena Gomez
"Hands Up" TLC
"Hang On" Smash Mouth
"Hanging by a Moment" Lifehouse
"The Hanging Garden" The Cure
"Hannah Montana" Migos
"Happier" Marshmello and Bastille
"Happier Than Ever" Billie Eilish
"Happiness" Collective Soul
"Happy" Marina and the Diamonds
"Happy" Pharrell Williams
"Happy" Sita
"Happy" Taeyeon
"Happy & Sad" Kacey Musgraves
"Happy Birthday" The Click Five
"Happy Birthday" Stevie Wonder
"Happy Little Pill" Troye Sivan
"Happy New Year" ABBA
"Happy Working Song" Amy Adams
"Hard Row" The Black Keys
"Hard to See" Five Finger Death Punch
"Harder" Jax Jones and Bebe Rexha
"The Hardest Button to Button" The White Stripes
"The Hardest Part" Coldplay
"Harleys in Hawaii" Katy Perry
"Harmony Hall" Vampire Weekend
"Hate (I Really Don't Like You)" Plain White T's
"Hate Love" Girlicious
"Hate That I Love You" Rihanna featuring Ne-Yo
"Hate to Tell You" Katelyn Tarver
"Haters" TLC
"Haunted" Beyoncé
"Haunted" Evanescence
"Havana" Camila Cabello featuring Young Thung
"Have a Nice Day" Bon Jovi
"Have Fun, Go Mad" Blair
"Have to Say Goodbye" Jennette McCurdy
"He Loves U Not" Dream
"He Wasn't" Avril Lavigne
"He Wasn't Man Enough" Toni Braxton
"He's Back (The Man Behind the Mask)" Alice Cooper
"Head Above Water" Avril Lavigne
"A Head Full of Dreams" Coldplay
"Headed for a Heartache" Gary Morris
"Headlong Flight" Rush
"Headphones" Walk the Moon
"Heal the World" Michael Jackson
"Hear Me Calling" Juice Wrld
"Heart Attack" Demi Lovato
"Heart Break" Lady Antebellum
"Heart by Heart" Demi Lovato
"Heart Heart Heartbreak" Boys Like Girls
"Heart Hypnotic" Delta Goodrem
"Heart Like Mine" Miranda Lambert
"Heart of a Child" Jennette McCurdy
"Heart of Glass" Blondie
"The Heart Wants What It Wants" Selena Gomez
"Heartache Tonight" Eagles
"Heartbeat" Scouting for Girls
"Heartbeat Slowing Down" The All-American Rejects
"Heartbreaker" Danity Kane
"Heat" Kelly Clarkson
"Heaven" DJ Sammy and Yanou featuring Do
"Heaven" Julia Michaels
"Heaven" OneRepublic
"Heaven Is a Place on Earth" Belinda Carlisle
"Heaven Knows" The Pretty Reckless
"Heaven Sent" Best Coast
"Heaven's Already Here" Collective Soul
"Heavy" Collective Soul
"Heavy Things" Phish
"Helena Beat" Foster the People
"Helicopter" Bloc Party
"The Hell Song" Sum 41
"The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala" Arctic Monkeys
"Hello" Adele
"Hello" Evanescence
"Hello" Karmin
"Hello" Kelly Clarkson
"Hello" Martin Solveig and Dragonette
"Hello America" Def Leppard
"Hello Goodbye" Tyler Farr
"Hello Kitty" Avril Lavigne
"Hello Operator" The White Stripes
"Hello World" Lady Antebellum
"Here Comes Goodbye" Rascal Flatts
"Here I Come" Fergie
"Here Is the News" Electric Light Orchestra
"Here It Is, Bam!" Tag Team
"Here to Go" Devo
"Here We Are" Gloria Estefan
"Here We Go" Bowling for Soup
"Here We Go" NSYNC
"Here We Go Again" Demi Lovato
"Here with Me" Marshmello featuring Chvrches
"Here with Me Now" Clique Girlz
"Here Without You" 3 Doors Down
"Here's to Never Growing Up" Avril Lavigne
"Heritage" Earth, Wind & Fire
"Hero/Heroine" Boys Like Girls
"Heroes and Friends" Randy Travis
"Hesitate" Stone Sour
"Hey Brother" Avicii
"Hey Everybody!" 5 Seconds of Summer
"Hey Hey Hey" Katy Perry
"Hey Julie" Fountains of Wayne
"Hey There Delilah" Plain White T's
"Hey Ya!" Outkast
"Hey You" Miranda Cosgrove
"Hey, Hey, What Can I Do" Led Zeppelin
"Hey, Soul Sister" Train
"Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye" Leonard Cohen
"Hicktown" Jason Aldean
"High 'n' Dry (Saturday Night)" Def Leppard
"High by the Beach" Lana Del Rey
"High Hopes" Panic! at the Disco
"High Horse" Kacey Musgraves
"High Maintenance" Miranda Cosgrove featuring Rivers Cuomo
"High School" Kelsea Ballerini
"High School Never Ends" Bowling for Soup
"High School Sweethearts" Melanie Martinez
"High Wire" Men at Work
"Higher" Creed
"Highway Song" Blackfoot
"Highway to Hell" AC/DC
"Hip Hop Teddybear" Raven-Symoné
"Hip to My Heart" The Band Perry
"History Maker" Delirious?
"Hit It Again" 3OH!3
"Hit the Freeway" Toni Braxton
"Hit the Lights" Selena Gomez & the Scene
"Hitchin' a Ride" Green Day
"Hoedown Throwdown" Miley Cyrus
"Hokus Pokus" Insane Clown Posse
"Hold It Against Me" Britney Spears
"Hold Me Tight" The Beatles
"Hold On" Jonas Brothers
"Hold On Tight" Electric Light Orchestra
"Hold You Tight" Tara Kemp
"Hole in the Head" Sugababes
"Hole in the World" Eagles
"Holiday" Green Day
"Holiday in My Head" Smash Mouth
"Holiday Rap" MC Miker G & DJ Sven
"Holiday Romance" The Kinks
"Hollywood" Marina and the Diamonds
"Hollywood Swinging" Kool & the Gang
"Home" Daughtry
"Home" Lady Antebellum
"Home Is Such as Lonely Place" Blink-182
"Home to Mama" Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson
"Homecoming Queen?" Kelsea Bellerini
"Homeless Heart" Jennette McCurdy
"Homemade Dynamite" Lorde
"Honestly" Red Chelle Rae
"Honey, Honey" ABBA
"Honey, I'm Home" Shania Twain
"Honeybee" The Head and the Heart
"Honky Tonk Moon" Randy Travis
"Honkytonk U" Toby Keith
"Hope" Our Lady Peace
"Hope Not" Blackpink
"Hopeless Romantic" Michelle Branch
"Hot" Avril Lavigne
"Hot Dog" Led Zeppelin
"Hot Mess" Ashley Tisdale
"Hot Mess" Tyler Farr
"Hot n Cold" Katy Perry
"Hotel California" Eagles
"Hotel Yorba" The White Stripes
"Hotline Bling" Drake
"How Could I Want More" Jamie Lynn Spears
"How Deep Is Your Love" Bee Gees
"How to Be a Heartbreaker" Marina and the Diamonds
"How to Believe" Bridgit Mendler
"How to Touch a Girl" JoJo
"Human" Christina Perri
"Human" OneRepublic
"Human" Skye Sweetnam
"The Human Touch" Bruce Springsteen
"The Humpty Dance" Digital Underground
"Hung in a Bad Place" Oasis
"Hung Up" Madonna
"Hunger of the Pine" alt-J
"Hungry Heart" Bruce Springsteen
"Hunter Eats Hunter" Chevelle
"Hunting for Witches" Bloc Party
"Hurricane" Bridgit Mendler
"Hurricane" Lifehouse
"Hurts Like Heaven" Coldplay
"Hustlin'" Rick Ross
"HYFR (Hell Ya Fucking Right)" Drake featuring Lil Wayne
"Hymn" Kesha
"Hymn" Moby
"Hymn for My Father" Collective Soul
"Hymn for the Weekend" Coldplay
"Hymn to the Fallen" John Williams
"Hyperactive!" Thomas Dolby
"Hypnotised" Coldplay
"I" Taeyeon
"I Ain't No Quitter" Shania Twain
"I Always Get What I Want" Avril Lavigne
"I Am Mine" Pearl Jam
"I Am Not a Robot" Marina and the Diamonds
"I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor" Arctic Monkeys
"I Can Lift a Car" Walk the Moon
"I Can Love You Better" Dixie Chicks
"I Can't Dance" Genesis
"I Can't Get Enough" Benny Blanco, Tainy, Selena Gomez and J Balvin
"I Can't Hate You Anymore" Nick Lachey
"I Can't Stand It" Eric Clapton
"I Can't Stand It No More" Peter Frampton
"I Can't Stop Drinking About You" Bebe Rexha
"I Can't Tell You Why" Eagles
"I Can't Watch This" "Weird Al" Yankovic
"I Could Use a Love Song" Maren Morris
"I Do" Lisa Loeb
"I Do Not Hook Up" Kelly Clarkson
"I Don't Know" Paul McCartney
"I Don't Think About It" Emily Osment
"I Don't Think About You" Kelly Clarkson
"I Don't Wanna Be Me" Type O Negative
"I Don't Want to Be" Gavin DeGraw
"I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" Aerosmith
"I Don't Want Your Love" Duran Duran
"I Feel Like Dancin'" All Time Low
"I Fell in Love" Rockell
"I Fell in Love with the Devil" Avril Lavigne
"I Found" Amber Run
"I Found Heaven" Take That
"I Got Mine" The Black Keys
"I Gotta Feeling" The Black Eyed Peas
"I Hate Love Songs" Kelsea Ballerini
"I Hate This Part" The Pussycat Dolls
"I Have a Dream" ABBA
"I Have the Touch" Peter Gabriel
"I Just Wanna Live" Good Charlotte
"I Keep Looking" Sara Evans
"I Knew You Were Trouble" Taylor Swift
"I Learned from You" Miley Cyrus
"I Like It" Dino
"I Lived" OneRepublic
"I Lost My Little Girl" Paul McCartney
"I Love It" Icona Pop featuring Charli XCX
"I Love L.A." Randy Newman
"I Love Me" Demi Lovato
"I Love to Boogie" T. Rex
"I Love You" Taeyeon
"I Love You Goodbye" Thomas Dolby
"I Miss You" Blink-182
"I Really Like You" Carly Rae Jepsen
"I Run to You" Lady Antebellum
"I See You (Theme from Avatar)" Leona Lewis
"I See You Baby" Groove Armada featuring Gram'ma Funk
"I Still Believe" Hayden Panettiere
"I Still Have Faith in You" ABBA
"I Still Remember" Bloc Party
"I Think We're Alone Now" Tiffany
"I Throw My Toys Around" No Doubt featuring Elvis Costello
"I Told You So" Karmin
"I Took a Pill In Ibiza" Mike Posner
"I Turn to You" Melanie C
"I Wanna" The All-American Rejects
"I Wanna Be Down" Brandy
"I Wanna Know" Joe
"I Wanna Love You Forever" Jessica Simpson
"I Wanna Talk About Me" Toby Keith
"I Want a Mom That Will Last Forever" Cyndi Lauper
"I Want It All" Karmin
"I Want It That Way" Backstreet Boys
"I Want to Be Wanted" Brenda Lee
"I Want You (Hold On to Love)" CeeLo Green
"I Was Here" Beyoncé
"I Will Come to You" Hanson
"I Will Follow You into the Dark" Death Cab for Cutie
"I Will Love Again" Lara Fabian
"I Will Possess Your Heart" Death Cab for Cutie
"I Will Wait" Mumford & Sons
"I Will Wait" Nick Carter
"I Wish" Hayley Kiyoko
"I Wish" Stevie Wonder
"I Wish I Could Break Your Heart" Cassadee Pope
"I Wish I Was James Bond" Scouting for Girls
"I Write Sins Not Tragedies" Panic! at the Disco
"I'd Do Anything" Simple Plan featuring Mark Hoppus
"I'll Be in the Sky" B.o.B
"I'll Be There for You" The Rembrandts
"I'll Get You" The Beatles
"I'm a Believer" Smash Mouth
"I'm a Lady" Meghan Trainor
"I'm a Mess" Bebe Rexha
"I'm a Ruin" Marina and the Diamonds
"I'm a Slave 4 U" Britney Spears
"I'm Alive" Celine Dion
"I'm Beggin' You" Supertramp
"I'm Gonna Run to You" Bridgit Mendler
"I'm Gonna Show You Crazy" Bebe Rexha
"I'm In Heaven (When You Kiss Me)" ATC
"I'm in Love with My Car" Queen
"I'm in Miami Bitch" LMFAO
"I'm in You" Peter Frampton
"I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman" Britney Spears
"I'm Not Alone" Calvin Harris
"I'm Not Just a Girl" School Gyrls
"I'm Not the Only One" Sam Smith
"I'm Not Your Boyfriend Baby" 3OH!3
"I'm Outta Love" Anastacia
"I'm So Excited" The Pointer Sisters
"I'm So Sick" Flyleaf
"I'm Too Sexy" Right Said Fred
"I'm Upset" Drake
"I'm with You" Avril Lavigne
"I'm Your Boogie Man" KC and the Sunshine Band
"I'm Wondering" Stevie Wonder
"I've Got a Rock 'n' Roll Heart" Eric Clapton
"Ice Cream" Blackpink and Selena Gomez
"Ice Ice Baby" Vanilla Ice
"Ice Princess" Azealia Banks
"Ich tu dir weh" Rammstein
"Ich will" Rammstein
"Icky Thump" The White Stripes
"IDGAF" Dua Lipa
"Idiot" Lisa Marie Presley
"If Everyone Cared" Nickelback
"If I Ain't Got You" Alicia Keys
"If I Can't" 50 Cent
"If I Can't Have You" Shawn Mendes
"If I Could Have You Back" Aly & AJ
"If I Didn't Have You" John Goodman and Billy Crystal
"If I Die Young" The Band Perry
"If I Let You Go" Westlife
"If I Were a Boy" Beyoncé
"If I'm Lucky" Jason Derulo
"If Only" Dove Cameron
"If She Would Have Been Faithful..." Chicago
"If So" Atlas Genius
"If Today Was Your Last Day" Nickelback
"If U Seek Amy" Britney Spears
"If We Hold on Together" Diana Ross
"If You Leave Me Now" Chicago
"If You Left Him for Me" Cody Simpson
"Imitation of Life" R.E.M.
"Imma Be" The Black Eyed Peas
"Immigrant Song" Led Zeppelin
"Immortality" Pearl Jam
"The Imperial March" John Williams
"The Impression That I Get" The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
"In a Darkened Room" Skid Row
"In a Dream" Rockell
"In a Moment" Collective Soul
"In Another Land" The Rolling Stones
"In Between" Collective Soul
"In Between" Kelsea Ballerini
"In Between Days" The Cure
"In Cold Blood" alt-J
"The In Crowd" Mitchel Musso
"In da Club" 50 Cent
"In Hiding" Pearl Jam
"In His Mind" Debbie Gibson
"In Love with a Girl" Gavin DeGraw
"In My Arms" Kylie Minogue
"In My Blood" Shawn Mendes
"In My Eyes" Best Coast
"In My Feelings" Drake
"In My Feelings" Lana Del Rey
"In My Head" Jason Derulo
"In My Heart" Moby
"In My Mind" Walk the Moon
"In My Place" Coldplay
"In My Pocket" Mandy Moore
"In My Secret Life" Leonard Cohen
"In Repair" Our Lady Peace
"In the Closet" Michael Jackson
"In the Dark" 3 Doors Down
"In the Dark" JoJo
"In the End" Snow Patrol
"In the Hall of the Mountain King" Edvard Grieg
"In the Middle" Sugababes
"In the Stone" Earth, Wind & Fire
"In This World" Moby
"In Too Deep" Sum 41
"In Your Eyes" Peter Gabriel
"In Your Words" Rebecca Black
"Infinite Dreams" Iron Maiden
"Infra Turbo Pigcart Racer" Deadmau5
"Inhale" Stone Sour
"Innocent" Our Lady Peace
"Innocent Eyes" Delta Goodrem
"Inspired" Miley Cyrus
"International Harvester" Craig Morgan
"Into Another" Skid Row
"Into the Blue" Moby
"Intruder" Peter Gabriel
"Invaders" Iron Maiden
"Invisible" Hunter Hayes
"Invisible Touch" Genesis
"Irreplaceable" Beyoncé
"Is Anybody Home?" Our Lady Peace
"Is There Something I Should Know?" Duran Duran
"Island in the Sun" Weezer
"Issues" Julia Michaels
"it Ain't Easy" Sugababes
"It Ain't Me" Kygo and Selena Gomez
"It Ain't My Fault" Brothers Osborne
"It Ends Tonight" The All-American Rejects
"It Girl" Jason Derulo
"It's a Mistake" Men at Work
"It's a Party" Buckcherry
"It's About Time" One Night Only
"It's About to Come Alive" David Nail
"It's Alright, It's OK" Ashley Tisdale
"It's Amazing" Jem
"It's in the Way That You Use It" Eric Clapton
"It's Not About You" Scouting for Girls
"It's Not Over" Daughtry
"It's OK" CeeLo Green
"It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" Andy Williams
"It's Not My Time" 3 Doors Down
"It's Not Unusual" Tom Jones
"It's Raining Again" Supertramp
"iYiYi" Cody Simpson
"J.A.R." Green Day
"Jailhouse Rock" Elvis Presley
"Jam" Michael Jackson
"James Dean" Eagles
"Janie's Got a Gun" Aerosmith
"Jar of Hearts" Christina Perri
"Jars" Chevelle
"Jealous" Beyoncé
"Jekyll and Hyde" Five Finger Death Punch
"Jenny" The Click Five
"Jenny from the Block" Jennifer Lopez featuring Jadakiss and Styles P
"Jenny, Jenny" Little Richard
"Jeremy" Pearl Jam
"Jessie's Girl" Rick Springfield
"Jesus He Knows Me" Genesis
"Jesus of Suburbia" Green Day
"Jet Black Heart" 5 Seconds of Summer
"Jimmy Gets High" Daniel Powter
"Jimmy Neutron Theme" Bowling for Soup
"Jingle Bell Rock" Bobby Helms
"Joanna" JoJo
"John Deere Tractor" The Judds
"John Wayne" Lady Gaga
"Johnny and Mary" Robert Palmer
"Johnny Thunder" The Kinks
"The Journey" 911
"Joy Division" Sugababes
"Joyride (Omen)" Chevelle
"Judy French" White Reaper
"Julius" Phish
"Jumanji" Azealia Banks
"Jump to the Rhythm" Jordan Pruitt
"Jumpin' Jack Flash" The Rolling Stones
"Jungle Boogie" Kool & the Gang
"Jupiter" Earth, Wind & Fire
"Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity" Gustav Holst
"Jurassic Park" "Weird Al" Yankovic
"Just a Dream" Nelly
"Just a Girl" No Doubt
"Just a Kiss" Lady Antebellum
"Just a Ride" Jem
"Just Be" Paloma Faith
"Just Breathe" Pearl Jam
"Just Dance" Lady Gaga featuring Colby O'Donis
"Just for Tonight" One Night Only
"Just Gettin' Started" Jason Aldean
"Just Give Me a Reason" Pink featuring Nate Ruess
"Just Like Fire" Pink
"Just Like Heaven" The Cure
"Just One Kiss" Nick Carter
"Just Say Yes" Snow Patrol
"Just the Girl" The Click Five
"Just the Way You Are" Bruno Mars
"Just Tonight" The Pretty Reckless
"Kamikaze" Walk the Moon
"Kandy Pop" Bis
"Karma Chameleon" Culture Club
"Keep Climbing" Delta Goodrem
"Keep Holding On" Avril Lavigne
"Keep It Comin' Love" KC and the Sunshine Band
"Keep It Dark" Genesis
"Keep It to Yourself" Kacey Musgraves
"Keep It Together" Puddle of Mudd
"Keep on Chooglin'" Creedence Clearwater Revival
"Keep on Walking" Scouting for Girls
"Keep the Car Running" Arcade Fire
"Keep Your Mind Wide Open" AnnaSophia Robb
"Keeps Gettin' Better" Christina Aguilera
"Kick It" Blackpink
"Kickstarts" Example
"Kids Again" Example
"Kids in America" Kim Wilde
"Kids in the Street" The All-American Rejects
"Kidz" Take That
"Kill Em with Kindness" Selena Gomez
"Kill Me" The Pretty Reckless
"Kill This Love" Blackpink
"A Kind of Magic" Queen
"King Cotton" John Philip Sousa
"King of Anything" Sara Bareilles
"King of the Jungle" Bananarama
"Kings & Queens" Ava Max
"Kiss and Make Up" Dua Lipa and Blackpink
"Kiss the Girl" Ashley Tisdale
"Kiss Kiss" Chris Brown featuring T-Pain
"Kiss Me Back" Digital Underground
"Kiss Me Quick" Nathan Sykes
"Kiss the Sky" Jason Derulo
"Kiss You Tonight" David Nail
"Kiss You Up" Miranda Cosgrove
"Kissin U" Miranda Cosgrove
"Kitty" The Presidents of the United States of America
"Kitty Kat" Beyoncé
"The Knife" Genesis
"Know Your Enemy" Green Day
"Knowing Me, Knowing You" ABBA
"Kool Aid" Katelyn Tarver
"Kryptonite" 3 Doors Down
"Kung Fu Fighting" Carl Douglas
"L.A. Love (La La)" Fergie
"L.O.V." Fitz and The Tantrums
"L.O.V.E." Ashlee Simpson
"La Da Dee" Cody Simpson
"Labels or Love" Fergie
"Ladies in the '90s" Lauren Alaina
"Lady Madonna" The Beatles
"Lafayette Blues" The White Stripes
"Land of a Million Drums" Outkast featuring Killer Mike and Sleepy Brown
"Land of Confusion" Genesis
"Land of the Living" Kristine W
"Larger than Life" Backstreet Boys
"Lasso the Moon" Gary Morris
"Last Child" Aerosmith
"Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" Katy Perry
"Last Hurrah" Bebe Rexha
"Last Love Song" ZZ Ward
"Last Night" Good Charlotte
"Last of the American Girls" Green Day
"The Last Song" The All-American Rejects
"The Last Time I Saw Her" Glen Campbell
"Late in the Day" Supergrass
"Late in the Evening" Paul Simon
"The Lazy Song" Bruno Mars
"Lean wit Me" Juice Wrld
"Learning to Fly" Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
"Leave (Get Out)" JoJo
"Leave It All to Me" Miranda Cosgrove featuring Drake Bell
"Leave It All to Shine" Miranda Cosgrove and Victoria Justice
"Leave It Up to Me" Aaron Carter
"Leaving New York" R.E.M.
"Left Hand Free" alt-J
"Legends" Kelsea Ballerini
"Let It Bleed" The Rolling Stones
"Let It Go" Def Leppard
"Let It Rock" Kevin Rudolf featuring Lil Wayne
"Let Me Be Myself" 3 Doors Down
"Let Me Cry" Laura Marano
"Let Me Get Me" Selena Gomez
"Let Me Talk" Earth, Wind & Fire
"Let the Groove Get In" Justin Timberlake
"Let You Love Me" Rita Ora
"Let's Be Friends" Emily Osment
"Let's Be Still" The Head and the Heart
"Let's Dance" Vanessa Hudgens
"Let's Forget About It" Lisa Loeb
"Let's Get It Started" The Black Eyed Peas
"Let's Get Rocked" Def Leppard
"Let's Groove" Earth, Wind & Fire
"Let's Hurt Tonight" OneRepublic
"Let's Kill Tonight" Panic! at the Disco
"Let's Pretend We're Married" Prince
"Let's Shake Hands" The White Stripes
"Let's Twist Again" Chubby Checker
"Letter from a Thief" Chevelle
"Letting Go (Dutty Love)" Sean Kingston featuring Nicki Minaj
"Levels" Avicii
"Liberian Girl" Michael Jackson
"The Liberty Bell" John Philip Sousa
"Liberty Walk" Miley Cyrus
"Lie a Little Better" Lucy Hale
"Lie Down in Darkness" Moby
"Life After You" Daughtry
"Life Can't Get Much Better" Good Charlotte
"Life Goes On" Fergie
"Life Got Cold" Girls Aloud
"Life in Detail" Robert Palmer
"Life in the Fast Line" Eagles
"Life Is a Highway" Rascal Flatts
"Life Is a Party" Aaron Carter
"Life of the Party" Shawn Mendes
"Life Wasted" Pearl Jam
"Life's About to Get Good" Shania Twain
"Lifening" Snow Patrol
"Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" Good Charlotte
"Lift Me Up" Moby
"Lift Me Up" OneRepublic
"Light Years" Pearl Jam
"Lighten Up" Collective Soul
"Lights" Ellie Goulding
"Lights" Journey
"Lights Out" Danity Kane
"Like a Champion" Selena Gomez
"Like Flames" Berlin
"Like I Can" Sam Smith
"Like I Did" Shane Harper
"Like It's Christmas" Jonas Brothers
"Like It's Your Birthday" Good Charlotte
"Like Me" Girlicious
"Like My Mother Does" Lauren Alaina
"Like Whoa" Aly & AJ
"Like Wow!" Leslie Carter
"Links 2 3 4" Rammstein
"Linus and Lucy" Vince Guaraldi
"Lips Are Movin" Meghan Trainor
"Lips Like Sugar" Echo & the Bunnymen
"Liquorice" Azealia Banks
"Listen" Collective Soul
"Listen to Her Heart" Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
"Lisztomania" Phoenix
"Lit Up" Buckcherry
"Lithium" Evanescence
"A Little Bit Longer" Jonas Brothers
"Little Deuce Coupe" The Beach Boys
"Little Dreamer" Status Quo
"Little Hide" Snow Patrol
"Little Lies" Fleetwood Mac
"Little Lion Man" Mumford & Sons
"Little Miss Can't Be Wrong" Spin Doctors
"Little Things" Good Charlotte
"Little Things" One Direction
"Little Miss Perfect" Sugababes
"A Little More Summertime" Jason Aldean
"A Little Too Not Over You" David Archuleta
"A Little Work" Fergie
"Liquid Courage (Love Me Better)" Cierra Ramirez
"Live and Let Die" Paul McCartney and Wings
"Live for the Night" Krewella
"Live Forever" Oasis
"Live Like There's No Tomorrow" Selena Gomez & the Scene
"Live While We're Young" One Direction
"Live Your Life" T.I. featuring Rihanna
"Livin' on a Prayer" Bon Jovi
"Livin' on Borrowed Time" Puddle of Mudd
"Livin' Thing" Electric Light Orchestra
"The Living Daylights" A-ha
"Living Dead" Marina and the Diamonds
"Locked Out of Heaven" Bruno Mars
"The Loco-Motion" Little Eva
"The Logical Song" Supertramp
"Loneliest Time of the Year" Mabel
"Lonely Hearts" JoJo
"Lonely Weekend" Kacey Musgraves
"Lonesome Day" Bruce Springsteen
"A Long December" Counting Crows
"Long Hot Summer" Girls Aloud
"The Long Run" Eagles
"Long Stretch of Love" Lady Antebellum
"Long Tall Sally" Little Richard
"Long, Long Way to Go" Def Leppard
"Longview" Green Day
"Look at Her Now" Selena Gomez
"Look for the Truth" Iron Maiden
"Look Through My Eyes" Phil Collins
"Look What You Made Me Do" Taylor Swift
"Lookin' for a Good Time" Lady Antebellum
"Looking for Clues" Robert Palmer
"Looking Hot" No Doubt
"Loopzilla" George Clinton
"Lord of the Flies" Iron Maiden
"Lose It" Supergrass
"Lose My Breath" Destiny's Child
"Lose You to Love Me" Selena Gomez
"Loser" 3 Doors Down
"Losing Grip" Avril Lavigne
"Losing My Religion" R.E.M.
"Lost" Lasgo
"Lost Highway" Bon Jovi
"Lost in Japan" Shawn Mendes
"Lost in My Mind" The Head and the Heart
"Lost in Paradise" Evanescence
"Lost in Stereo" All Time Low
"Lost in the Wild" Walk the Moon
"Lost in This Moment" Big & Rich
"Lost in Your Eyes" Debbie Gibson
"Lost You Anyway" Toby Keith
"Loud Music" Michelle Branch
"Love" Collective Soul
"Love" Lana Del Rey
"Love at First Sight" Kylie Minogue
"Love Blonde" Kim Wilde
"Love Boat Captain" Pearl Jam
"Love Can't Wait" Nick Carter
"Love Child" Sweet Sensation
"Love Comes" Bananarama
"Love Don't Live Here" Lady Antebellum
"Love Drunk" Boys Like Girls
"Love Gets Me Every Time" Shania Twain
"Love How It Hurts" Scouting for Girls
"Love in an Elevator" Aerosmith
"Love in the Natural Way" Kim Wilde
"Love Is a Wild Thing" Kacey Musgraves
"Love Is Alright Tonite" Rick Springfield
"Love Is Holy" Kim Wilde
"Love Is on Its Way" Jonas Brothers
"Love Is on the Way" Jennette McCurdy
"Love Is Reason" A-ha
"Love Is Strong" The Rolling Stones
"Love Is the Name" Sofia Carson
"Love Lifted Me" Collective Soul
"Love Light in Flight" Stevie Wonder
"Love Me & Let Me Go" Ashley Tisdale
"Love Me Better" James Blunt
"Love Me Do" The Beatles
"Love Me Harder" Ariana Grande and The Weeknd
"Love Me If You Can" Toby Keith
"Love Me Insane" Avril Lavigne
"Love Me like You Do" Ellie Goulding
"Love Me Like You Mean It" Kelsea Ballerini
"Love Me Tender" Elvis Presley
"Love Myself" Hailee Steinfeld
"Love Never Felt So Good" Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake
"Love of My Life" Queen
"The Love of Richard Nixon" Manic Street Preachers
"Love on Top" Beyoncé
"Love Remembers" Craig Morgan
"Love Runs Out" OneRepublic
"Love Sensation" 911
"Love Shack" The B-52's
"The Love She Found in Me" Gary Morris
"Love So Soft" Kelly Clarkson
"Love Somebody" Maroon 5
"Love Song" Sara Bareilles
"Love Story" Taylor Swift
"Love Tonight" Lucy Hale
"Love Will Keep Us Alive" Eagles
"Love Will Remember" Selena Gomez
"Love Will Tell Us Where to Go" Bridgit Mendler
"Love You Lately" Daniel Powter
"Love You like a Love Song" Selena Gomez & the Scene
"Love You to Death" Type O Negative
"Love Yourself" Justin Bieber
"Love, Truth and Honesty" Bananarama
"Lovebug" Jonas Brothers
"Lovely" Billie Eilish and Khalid
"The Lovely Linda" Paul McCartney
"Lover Alot" Aerosmith
"Lover of the Light" Mumford & Sons
"Loves Me Like a Rock" Paul Simon
"Lovesick" Emily Osment
"Lovesick Girls" Blackpink
"Low" Kelly Clarkson
"Low Rider" War
"Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" The Beatles
"Lucky" Britney Spears
"Lucky (In My Life)" Eiffel 65
"Lucky Moon" The Oak Ridge Boys
"Lump" The Presidents of the United States of America
"Lunchbox Friends" Melanie Martinez
"Lust for Life" Lana Del Rey featuring The Weeknd
"M.I.L.F. $" Fergie
"Mach 5" The Presidents of the United States of America
"Machine Hearts" Kelsea Ballerini
"Mad Hatter" Melanie Martinez
"Made in the USA" Demi Lovato
"Made of Scars" Stone Sour
"Made of Stone" Evanescence
"Magic" B.o.B featuring Rivers Cuomo
"The Magnificent Seven" The Clash
"Make a Wave" Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas
"Make It in America" Victoria Justice
"Make Me Love You" Taeyeon
"Make Me Proud" Drake featuring Nicki Minaj
"Make Me Smile" Chicago
"Make Me Wanna Die" The Pretty Reckless
"Makes Me Happy" Drake Bell
"Makes Me Wonder" Maroon 5
"Makes No Difference" Sum 41
"Makeshift Love" Good Charlotte
"Malibu" Miley Cyrus
"Mama's Broken Heart" Miranda Lambert
"Mammoth" Dimitri Vegas, Moguai and Like Mike
"Man" JoJo
"Man of the Woods" Justin Timberlake
"Man on the Corner" Genesis
"Man on the Edge" Iron Maiden
"Man on the Moon" R.E.M.
"Man You Gotta Get Up" The Apples in Stereo
"Man! I Feel Like a Woman" Shania Twain
"Manhattan Skyline" A-ha
"Maniac" Girlicious
"Mann gegen Mann" Rammstein
"Mansard Roof" Vampire Weekend
"Mansize Rooster" Supergrass
"Many Too Many" Genesis
"March of the Dogs" Sum 41
"Marchin On" OneRepublic
"Mariners Apartment Complex" Lana Del Rey
"Marry You" Bruno Mars
"Mars" Fake Blood
"Mars, the Bringer of War" Gustav Holst
"Marvins Room" Drake
"Mary Jane's Last Dance" Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
"Material Girl" Madonna
"Maths" Deadmau5
"Matilda" alt-J
"Me & the Rhythm" Selena Gomez
"Me Against the Music" Britney Spears featuring Madonna
"Me Love" Sean Kingston
"Me Too" Meghan Trainor
"Me With You" Jennette McCurdy
"Me, Myself and Time" Demi Lovato
"Meaning of Life" Kelly Clarkson
"Meant to Be" Bebe Rexha & Florida Georgia Line
"Meant to Live" Switchfoot
"Meet Me Halfway" The Black Eyed Peas
"Meet Me on the Equinox" Death Cab for Cutie
"Mein Herz brennt" Rammstein
"Mein Land" Rammstein
"Mein Teil" Rammstein
"Memory of You" Girls Aloud
"Men in Black" Will Smith
"Mercury" Bloc Party
"Mercury, the Winged Messenger" Gustav Holst
"Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays" NSYNC
"Merry Go 'Round" Kacey Musgraves
"Merrymaking at My Place" Calvin Harris
"Messed Up World (F'd Up World)" The Pretty Reckless
"Metal Guru" T. Rex
"The Metro" Berlin
"Mexican Wine" Fountains of Wayne
"Michael Caine" Madness
"The Middle" Jimmy Eat World
"The Middle" Zedd, Maren Morris and Grey
"The Middle of Starting Over" Sabrina Carpenter
"Might Be Right" White Reaper
"Mighty Mighty" Earth, Wind & Fire
"Million Dollar Loan" Death Cab for Cutie
"A Million Love Songs" Take That
"Million Years Ago" Adele
"Minority" Green Day
"Miracle" Chvrches
"Miracle Drug" U2
"Mirrors" Justin Timberlake
"Misery" Good Charlotte
"Miss Independent" Kelly Clarkson
"Miss Me More" Kelsea Ballerini
"Miss Nothing" The Pretty Reckless
"Miss P." Cherish featuring Da Brat
"Miss You Bow Wow" Girls Aloud
"Miss You in a Heartbeat" Def Leppard
"Missed Connection" The Head and the Heart
"Mission Statement" Stone Sour
"Misunderstanding" Genesis
"Mixed Up S.O.B." The Presidents of the United States of America
"MMMBop" Hanson
"Mobility" Moby
"Modern Love" Peter Gabriel
"Molecules" Atlas Genius
"A Moment Like This" Kelly Clarkson
"Money, Money, Money" ABBA
"MoneyGrabber" Fitz and The Tantrums
"Mood Ring" Britney Spears
"Moonraker" Shirley Bassey
"Moonshake" Can
"Mooo!" Doja Cat
"More" Usher
"More Like Her" Miranda Lambert
"More Than Physical" Bananarama
"Morning Glory" Oasis
"Most Girls" Hailee Steinfeld
"Mother" Kacey Musgraves
"Mother and Child Reunion" Paul Simon
"Mother Sky" Can
"Mother's Daughter" Miley Cyrus
"Mother's Little Helper" The Rolling Stones
"Motivation" Normani
"MotorSport" Migos, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B
"Motownphilly" Boyz II Men
"Mousetrap Heart" Thirsty Merc
"Move Along" The All-American Rejects
"Move in My Direction" Bananarama
"Move It Like This" Baha Men
"Move This" Technotronic
"Move You" Kelly Clarkson
"Move Your Body" Eiffel 65
"Moves like Jagger" Maroon 5 featuring Christina Aguilera
"A Movie Script Ending" Death Cab for Cutie
"Movies" Alien Ant Farm
"Mowgli's Road" Marina and the Diamonds
"Mr. Blue Sky" Electric Light Orchestra
"Mr. Know It All" Kelly Clarkson
"Mr. Roboto" Styx
"Mrs. Potato Head" Melanie Martinez
"Mushroom" Can
"Music" Kelsea Ballerini
"Music Feels Better" Selena Gomez
"Music Sounds Better with U" Big Time Rush featuring Mann
"Mutter" Rammstein
"My Church" Maren Morris
"My Day Will Come" Kate Alexa
"My Doorbell" The White Stripes
"My Father's Eyes" Eric Clapton
"My Favorite Part" Mac Miller featuring Ariana Grande
"My First Kiss" 3OH!3 featuring Kesha
"My Friend" Groove Armada
"My Future" Billie Eilish
"My Generation" Limp Bizkit
"My Girlfriend's Girlfriend" Type O Negative
"My Happy Ending" Avril Lavigne
"My Heart Beats Like a Drum (Dum Dum Dum)" ATC
"My Heart Is Broken" Evanescence
"My Heart Will Go On" Celine Dion
"My Hero" Foo Fighters
"My Hometown" Bruce Springsteen
"My House" Flo Rida
"My Immortal" Evanescence
"My Kind of Lady" Supertramp
"My Kind of Perfect" David Archuleta
"My Last Breath" Evanescence
"My Life Would Suck Without You" Kelly Clarkson
"My List" Toby Keith
"My Love Is Pink" Sugababes
"My Lucky Day" Bruce Springsteen
"My Moment" Rebecca Black
"My My My!" Troye Sivan
"My Nemesis" Five Finger Death Punch
"My Own Prison" Creed
"My Paper Heart" The All-American Rejects
"My Propeller" Arctic Monkeys
"Naked and Famous" The Presidents of the United States of America
"The Name of the Game" ABBA
"National Anthem" Lana Del Rey
"National Emblem" Edwin Eugene Bagley
"Natural Blues" Moby
"Natural Disaster" Plain White T's
"Naturally" Selena Gomez & the Scene
"Naughty Girl" Beyoncé
"Naveed" Our Lady Peace
"Near Wild Heaven" R.E.M.
"Necrophobic" Slayer
"Need You Now" Lady Antebellum
"Neon Lights" Demi Lovato
"Neptune, the Mystic" Gustav Holst
"Nervous" Shawn Mendes
"Nervous Girls" Lucy Hale
"Nervous Shakedown" AC/DC
"Never Again" Nickelback
"Never Awake" Drenge
"Never Been Hurt" Demi Lovato
"Never Close Our Eyes" Adam Lambert
"Never Enough" Five Finger Death Punch
"Never Fade" Katelyn Tarver
"Never Far Behind" Aly & AJ
"Never Gonna Be Alone" Nickelback
"Never Gonna Dance Again" Sugababes
"Never Gonna Give You Up" Rick Astley
"Never Mind Me" Big & Rich
"Never Really Over" Katy Perry
"Never Say Die" Chvrches
"Never Say Never" Justin Bieber
"Never See the Signs" Drenge
"Never There" Sum 41
"Never Will Be Mine" Rye Rye featuring Robyn
"Never Worn White" Katy Perry
"The NeverEnding Story" Limahl
"The New Colonial March" Robert Browne Hall
"New Kid in Town" Eagles
"New Moon on Monday" Duran Duran
"New Perspective" Panic! at the Disco
"New Rules" Dua Lipa
"New Thing" Rye Rye
"New Vibration" Collective Soul
"New Year" Sugababes
"New York" Paloma Faith
"New York" Snow Patrol
"New York City" ATC
"Next Boyfriend" Lauren Alaina
"Next Homecoming" Collective Soul
"Next Plane Home" Daniel Powter
"Nice for What" Drake
"Night Changes" One Direction
"Night Train" Jason Aldean
"Night's on Fire" David Nail
"Nightbird" Stevie Nicks
"Nightrider" Electric Light Orchestra
"Nights with You"
"Nightshift" Commodores
"Nine in the Afternoon" Panic! at the Disco
"No" Meghan Trainor
"No Angel" Beyoncé
"No Bravery" James Blunt
"No Can Do" Sugababes
"No Cars Go" Arcade Fire
"No Expectations" The Rolling Stones
"No Guidances" Chris Brown featuring Drake
"No Letting Go" Wayne Wonder
"No Me Dejes de Querer" Gloria Estefan
"No More Rhyme" Debbie Gibson
"No More Words" Berlin
"No One" Alicia Keys
"No One" Aly & AJ
"No One Gets Left Behind" Five Finger Death Punch
"No One Lives Forever" Oingo Boingo
"No One Needs to Know" Shania Twain
"No Pretendo" Gloria Estefan
"No Reason" Sum 41
"No Scrubs" TLC
"No Self Control" Peter Gabriel
"No Sunlight" Death Cab for Cutie
"No Surprise" Daughtry
"No Tears Left to Cry" Ariana Grande
"No Time to Die" Billie Eilish
"No Vacancy" OneRepublic
"Nobody Does It Better" Carly Simon
"Nobody's Fool" Avril Lavigne
"Nobody's Hero" Rush
"Nobody's Home" Avril Lavigne
"Nookie" Limp Bizkit
"Northern Downpour" Panic! at the Disco
"Northern Lights" Death Cab for Cutie
"Not 20 Anymore" Bebe Rexha
"Not at All" Status Quo
"Not Exactly" Deadmau5
"Not for You" Pearl Jam
"Not Just You" Cody Simpson
"Not Like That" Ashley Tisdale
"Not Like the Movies" Katy Perry
"Not Me, Not I" Delta Goodrem
"Not Now" Blink-182
"Not Over You" Gavin DeGrew
"Not Ready to Wake Up" Aly & AJ
"Not That Far Away" Jennette McCurdy
"Not That Kinda Girl" JoJo
"Not Too Young, Not Too Old" Aaron Carter featuring Nick Carter
"Nothin' Like You" Dan + Shay
"Nothin' on You" B.o.B featuring Bruno Mars
"Nothing as It Seems" Pearl Jam
"Nothing Compares 2 U" Sinéad O'Connor
"Now You're Gone" Sugababes
"Nuclear Sessions" Charli XCX
"The Number of the Beast" Iron Maiden
"Number One" Skye Sweetnam
"Ocean Avenue" Yellowcard
"Ocean Eyes" Billie Eilish
"Ocean Man" Ween
"Off to the Races" Lana Del Rey
"Oh Mother" Christina Aguilera
"Oh No!" Marina and the Diamonds
"Oh Oh" Miranda Cosgrove
"Oh Yeah" Yello
"Oh What a World" Rufus Wainwright
"Ohio (Come Back to Texas)" Bowling for Soup
"Ohne dich" Rammstein
"OK (Anxiety Anthem)" Mabel
"Old Money" Lana Del Rey
"Old Town Road" Lil Nas X
"An Olive Grove Facing the Sea" Snow Patrol
"On and On and On" ABBA
"On the Floor" Jennifer Lopez
"On Hold" The xx
"On the Metro" Girls Aloud
"On My Mind" Cody Simpson
"On Purpose" Sabrina Carpenter
"On the Metro" Girls Aloud
"On the Way Down" Ryan Cabrera
"Once Upon a Dream" Emily Osment
"One and the Same" Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez
"One Bad Night" Hayley Kiyoko
"One Dance" Drake featuring Wizkid and Kyla
"One Foot" Walk the Moon
"One Girl Revolution" Superchick
"One Heart" R.I.O.
"One Kiss" Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa
"One Little Victory" Rush
"One Man Army" Our Lady Peace
"One Man, One Woman" ABBA
"One Minute" Kelly Clarkson
"One Month Off" Bloc Party
"One More Try" Kristine W
"One Night Is Not Enough" Snow Patrol
"One of Our Submarines" Thomas Dolby
"One Shot" Danity Kane
"One Shot" Mabel
"One Step at a Time" Jordin Sparks
"The One That Got Away" Katy Perry
"One Thing Right" Marshmello and Kane Brown
"One Time" Cherish
"Only in My Dreams" Debbie Gibson
"Only Love Can Hurt Like This" Paloma Faith
"The Only Place" Best Coast
"Ooh Aah... Just a Little Bit" Gina G
"Oops!... I Did It Again" Britney Spears
"Open Wide" Calvin Harris featuring Big Sean
"Open Your Eyes" Snow Patrol
"Orange Crush" R.E.M.
"Ordinary Miracle" Sarah McLachlan
"Ordinary World" Duran Duran
"The Other Side of Down" David Archuleta
"Otherside" Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Our Deal" Best Coast
"Our Kind of Love" Lady Antebellum
"Our Last Summer" ABBA
"Our Lips Are Sealed" The Go-Go's
"Our Time Now" Plain White T's
"Out Come the Freaks" Was (Not Was)
"Out for Blood" Sum 41
"Out of My Head" Fastball
"Out of My League" Fitz and The Tantrums
"Out of My Mind" Lasgo
"Out of the Woods" Taylor Swift
"The Outfield" Good Charlotte
"Outlaw Man" Eagles
"Outside" Calvin Harris featuring Ellie Goulding
"Outside Looking In" Jordan Pruitt
"Outta My Head" Daughtry
"Over" Lindsay Lohan
"Over It" Anneliese van der Pol
"Over My Head (Cable Car)" The Fray
"Over the Rainbow" Judy Garland
"Over You" Daughtry
"Over You" Girlicious
"Over You" Lasgo
"Overjoyed" Stevie Wonder
"Overkill" Men at Work
"Overprotected" Britney Spears
"Oxford Comma" Vampire Weekend
"Ozark Mountain Jubilee" The Oak Ridge Boys
"Pain" Jimmy Eat World
"Panama" Van Halen
"Panic Attack" The Paddingtons
"Paper Sun" Def Leppard
"Paperlate" Genesis
"Paralyzed" Delta Goodrem
"Paris" Sabrina Carpenter
"Part of Me" Katy Perry
"Part-Time Lover" Stevie Wonder
"Partition" Beyoncé
"Party at a Rich Dude's House" Kesha
"Party for One" Carly Rae Jepsen
"Party in the U.S.A." Miley Cyrus
"Party Like a Rockstar" Shop Boyz
"Party Rock Anthem" LMFAO featuring Lauren Bennett and GoonRock
"The Party's Just Began" The Cheetah Girls
"The Pathfinder of Panama" John Philip Sousa
"Payphone" Maroon 5 featuring Wiz Khalifa
"Peaches" The Presidents of the United States of America
"Peek-a-Boo!" Devo
"Penguin" Christina Perri
"Peppermint Winter" Owl City
"Perfect" Simple Plan
"A Perfect End" Atlas Genius
"Perfect Places" Lorde
"Person of Interest" Rebecca Black
"Pete Davidson" Ariana Grande
"Peter Pan" Kelsea Ballerini
"Phantoms Can't Hang" Deadmau5
"Photo" Ryan Cabrera
"Photograph" Nickelback
"Picking Up the Pieces" Paloma Faith
"Piece by Piece" Kelly Clarkson
"Pieces of Me" Ashlee Simpson
"Pig Power in the House" Tag Team
"Piggyback" Melanie Martinez
"The Pink Panther Theme" Henry Mancini
"Pioneers" Bloc Party
"Pity Party" Melanie Martinez
"Place to Fall" Jennette McCurdy
"Plain Brown Wrapper" Gary Morris
"The Planets Bend Between Us" Snow Patrol
"Planez" Katelyn Tarver
"Plastic Man" The Kinks
"Play Date" Melanie Martinez
"Play My Music" Jonas Brothers
"Play That Funky Music" Wild Cherry
"Playing with Fire" Blackpink
"Pleader" alt-J
"Please Don't Go Girl" New Kids on the Block
"Please Don't Leave Me" Pink
"Please Please Me" The Beatles
"Pocketful of Sunshine" Natasha Bedingfield
"Poker Face" Lady Gaga
"Pompeii" Bastille
"Pon de Replay" Rihanna
"Poppin'" Chris Brown
"Postcard from Paris" The Band Perry
"Postmortem" Slayer
"Pound the Alarm" Nicki Minaj
"Power" Kanye West
"Power & Control" Marina and the Diamonds
"The Power of Love" Huey Lewis and the News
"The Power of Music" Kristine W
"Power of the Female" Cherish
"The Powerpuff Girls (End Theme)" Bis
"Pray" Lasgo
"The Prayer" Bloc Party
"Prayin' for Daylight" Rascal Flatts
"Predictable" Good Charlotte
"Presidential" YoungBloodZ
"Press Restart" Walk the Moon
"Pretty Boy" Danity Kane
"Pretty Brown Eyes" Cody Simpson
"Pretty Girl" Maggie Lindemann
"Pretty Savage" Blackpink
"Pretty Hurts" Beyoncé
"Price Tag" Jessie J featuring B.o.B
"Primadonna" Marina and the Diamonds
"Primary" The Cure
"Princes of the Universe" Queen
"The Profit of Doom" Type O Negative
"Progenies of the Great Apocalypse" Dimmu Borgir
"The Promise" Girls Aloud
"Promised Land" Elvis Presley
"Promises" Def Leppard
"Promises" Eric Clapton
"Prove It All Night" Bruce Springsteen
"Psycho" Puddle of Mudd
"A Public Affair" Jessica Simpson
"Pump It" The Black Eyed Peas
"Pump Up the Jam" Technotronic
"Pumped Up Kicks" Foster the People
"Pumping on Your Stereo" Supergrass
"Punk Rock 101" Bowling for Soup
"Pure Gold" Earth, Wind & Fire
"Pure Imagination" Gene Wilder
"Push the Button" Sugababes
"Pusher Love Girl" Justin Timberlake
"Pushin' Me Away" Jonas Brothers
"Pushing 20" Sabrina Carpenter
"Put Your Arms Around Someone" Jennette McCurdy
"Put Your Hearts Up" Ariana Grande
"PYD" Justin Bieber featuring R. Kelly
"Queen of Mean" Sarah Jeffery
"Quick Escape" Pearl Jam
"R U Mine?" Arctic Monkeys
"Racks on Racks" Lil Pump
"Radar" Britney Spears
"Radetzky March" Johann Strauss I
"Radiation Vibe" Fountains of Wayne
"Radio" Rammstein
"Radio Free Europe" R.E.M.
"Radio Nowhere" Bruce Springsteen
"Radio Song" R.E.M.
"Radioactive" Imagine Dragons
"Radioactive" Marina and the Diamonds
"Radioactive" Rita Ora
"Rag and Bone" The White Stripes
"Rage Hard" Frankie Goes to Hollywood
"Rain Down" Delirious?
"Rain Fall Down" The Rolling Stones
"Rain Is Falling" Electric Light Orchestra
"Rain Is a Good Thing" Luke Bryan
"Rainbow" Kacey Musgraves
"Raining Again" Moby
"Raining Blood" Slayer
"Raining on Our Love" Shania Twain
"Raining Sunshine" Miranda Cosgrove
"Rapture" iiO
"Rare" Selena Gomez
"The Rascal King" The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
"Ratchet" Bloc Party
"Rather Die Young" Beyoncé
"Ray of Light" Madonna
"Re-Arranged" Limp Bizkit
"Reach" Collective Soul
"Reach for the Light" Steve Winwood
"Ready for the Good Life" Paloma Faith
"Ready for the Good Times" Shakira
"Ready or Not" Bridgit Mendler
"Ready Teddy" Little Richard
"Ready to Go" Republica
"A Real Fine Place to Start" Sara Evans
"Real Gone" Sheryl Crow
"Real Long Time" White Reaper
"Real World" The All-American Rejects
"Really Don't Care" Demi Lovato featuring Cher Lloyd
"Really Really" Kevin Gates
"Rearview Town" Jason Aldean
"The Reason" Hoobastank
"Rebel Yell" Billy Idol
"Rebellion (Lies)" Arcade Fire
"The Reckless and the Brave" All Time Low
"Red Blooded Woman" Kylie Minogue
"Red Death at 6:14" The White Stripes
"Red Dragon Tattoo" Fountains of Wayne
"Red Dress" Sugababes
"Red Hands" Walk off the Earth
"Red Light" David Nail
"Red Light Special" TLC
"Red Rain" Peter Gabriel
"Red Sky" Status Quo
"Redneck Crazy" Tyler Farr
"Redneck Yacht Club" Craig Morgan
"The Reflex" Duran Duran
"Regret in Your Tears" Nicki Minaj
"Relax" Frankie Goes to Hollywood
"Relight My Fire" Take That featuring Lulu
"Remember December" Demi Lovato
"Remember Everything" Five Finger Death Punch
"Remember Me" Hoobastank
"Remember Me This Way" Jordan Hill
"Remember Me with Love" Gloria Estefan
"Remember the Time" Michael Jackson
"Reminding Me" Shawn Hook featuring Vanessa Hudgens
"Renegade" Daughtry
"Rescue Me" OneRepublic
"Resolution" Nick Lachey
"Responsibility" MxPx
"Retox" Fatboy Slim
"Retreat" The Rakes
"Reunion" Collective Soul
"Revival" Selena Gomez
"Revolution Calling" The Fight
"Revolution Radio" Green Day
"Revolving Door" Crazy Town
"Rhinestone Eyes" Gorillaz
"Rhythm & Blues" The Head and the Heart
"Rhythm of Love" Plain White T's
"The Rhythm of the Heat" Peter Gabriel
"Ribs" Lorde
"Rich Youth" Hayley Kiyoko
"Richard III" Supergrass
"Ride" Lana Del Rey
"Ride for You" Danity Kane
"Ridin'" Buckcherry
"Right by My Side" Nicki Minaj featuring Chris Brown
"Right Thru Me" Nicki Minaj
"Ring" Selena Gomez
"Ring the Alarm" Beyoncé
"Rio" Duran Duran
"Rise" Katy Perry
"Rise" Selena Gomez
"River Cross" Pearl Jam
"River Lea" Adele
"The Road I'm On" 3 Doors Down
"Road Less Traveled" Lauren Alaina
"Road Trippin'" Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Roads" Portishead
"Roam" The B-52's
"Roar" Katy Perry
"Robbery" Juice Wrld
"Robert De Niro's Waiting..." Bananarama
"Rock 'n' Roll Is King" Electric Light Orchestra
"Rock 'n' Roll Star" Oasis
"Rock Bottom" Hailee Steinfeld featuring DNCE
"Rock Brigade" Def Leppard
"Rock of Ages" Def Leppard
"Rock This Country!" Shania Twain
"Rock You Like a Hurricane" Scorpions
"Rock Your Body" Justin Timberlake
"Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop)" Def Leppard
"The Rockafeller Skank" Fatboy Slim
"Rocket" Beyoncé
"Rocket 2 U" The Jets
"Rocket Candy" Leslie Mills
"Rocketship" Shane Harper
"Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" Brenda Lee
"Rockin' Robin" Bobby Day
"Rocks at My Window" Bridgit Mendler
"Roll Away Your Stone" Mumford & Sons
"Roll with It" Oasis
"Rolling in the Deep" Adele
"Roots" Imagine Dragons
"Roses" Kelsea Ballerini
"Rough Justice" Bananarama
"Round & Round" Selena Gomez & the Scene
"Round Here" Counting Crows
"Round Here" Florida Georgia Line
"Round Round" Sugababes
"Royal Orleans" Led Zeppelin
"Royals" Lorde
"Ruby Tuesday" The Rolling Stones
"Ruin the Friendship" Demi Lovato
"Rule the World" Take That
"Rules" Doja Cat
"Rules and Regulations" Rufus Wainwright
"Rum" Brothers Osborne
"Rumors" Lindsay Lohan
"Run" Collective Soul
"Run Away" Big & Rich
"Run Away with Me" Carly Rae Jepsen
"Run for Cover" Sugababes
"Run for Your Life" The Beatles
"Run It!" Chris Brown featuring Juelz Santana
"Run On" Moby
"Run the World (Girls)" Beyoncé
"Run Through the Jungle" Creedence Clearwater Revival
"Run to the Hills" Iron Maiden
"Running Away" Hoobastank
"Running Free" Iron Maiden
"Rush" Aly & AJ
"Russian Dance" Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
"S.O.S." Jonas Brothers
"The Sacrilegious Scorn" Dimmu Borgir
"Safe and Sound" Capital Cities
"Safe in New York City" AC/DC
"The Safety Dance" Men Without Hats
"Saint of Me" The Rolling Stones
"Saints & Angels" Sara Evans
"Salt" Ava Max
"Same Direction" Hoobastank
"Same Mistake" James Blunt
"Same Old Love" Selena Gomez
"Same Song" Digital Underground
"Sample in a Jar" Phish
"Sandstorm" Darude
"Santa Tell Me" Ariana Grande
"Santa's a Fat Bitch" Insane Clown Posse
"Saturday" Fall Out Boy
"Saturday in the Park" Chicago
"Saturday Night" The Underdog Project
"Saturday Nite" Earth, Wind & Fire
"Saturn, the Bringer of Old Age" Gustav Holst
"Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)" Big & Rich
"Save a Prayer" Duran Duran
"Save My Soul" Kristine W
"Save You" Simple Plan
"Savin' Me" Nickelback
"Say" Ryan Cabrera
"Say Goodbye" Chris Brown
"Say Goodbye" Krewella
"Say It Right" Nelly Furtado
"Say OK" Vanessa Hudgens
"Say So" Doja Cat
"Say You Don't Want It" One Night Only
"Say You'll Haunt Me" Stone Sour
"Sayonara" Miranda Cosgrove
"Scandalous!" Prince
"Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" Skrillex
"School Days" Chuck Berry
"The Scientist" Coldplay
"Scooby D" Baha Men
"Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?" MxPx
"Scream & Shout" will.i.am featuring Britney Spears
"Screaming Bloody Murder" Sum 41
"Secret" The Pierces
"Secret Messages" Electric Light Orchestra
"Secret Touch" Rush
"Secrets" Tiësto and KSHMR featuring Vassy
"See My Friends" The Kinks
"See the Day" Girls Aloud
"See the Star" Delirious?
"See You Again" Carrie Underwood
"See You Again" Miley Cyrus
"See You Again" Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth
"See You Through My Eyes" The Head and the Heart
"Seemann" Rammstein
"Semper Fidelis" John Philip Sousa
"Send Her My Love" Journey
"Send It On" Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato and Selena
"Send Me on My Way" Rusted Root
"Send My Love (To Your New Lover)" Adele
"Send the Pain Below" Chevelle
"Señorita" Justin Timberlake
"Señorita" Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello
"Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)" Journey
"September" Daughtry
"September" Earth, Wind & Fire
"September Sun" Type O Negative
"Serpentine Fire" Earth, Wind & Fire
"The Serpentine Offering" Dimmu Borgir
"Set Fire to the Rain" Adele
"Set Me Free" ATC
"Set You Free" The Black Keys
"Seven Nation Army" The White Stripes
"Sex (I'm A...)" Berlin
"Sex on the Radio" Good Charlotte
"Sexy and I Know It" LMFAO
"Sexy Dirty Love" Demi Lovato
"Sexy! No No No..." Girls Aloud
"Shades of Cool" Lana Del Rey
"Shadowside" A-ha
"Shake" The Head and the Heart
"Shake a Tail Feather" The Cheetah Girls
"Shake It Off" Taylor Swift
"Shake It Up" Selena Gomez
"Shake Your Love" Debbie Gibson
"Shakermaker" Oasis
"Shakespeare" Miranda Cosgrove
"Shallow Be Thy Game" Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Shampain" Marina and the Diamonds
"Shape" Sugababes
"Shape of My Heart" Backstreet Boys
"Shapes That Go Together" A-ha
"Shattered" The Rolling Stones
"She" Green Day
"She Blinded Me with Science" Thomas Dolby
"She Hates Me" Puddle of Mudd
"She Loves You" The Beatles
"She Makes My Day" Robert Palmer
"She Sets the City on Fire" Gavin DeGraw
"She Will Be Loved" Maroon 5
"She Wolf" Shakira
"She's a Beauty" The Tubes
"She's a Mess" Sugababes
"She's a Rainbow" The Rolling Stones
"She's Hearing Voices" Bloc Party
"She's So Cold" The Rolling Stones
"She's So Lovely" Scouting for Girls
"Shelf" Jonas Brothers
"Shine" Collective Soul
"Shine On" Ryan Cabrera
"Shine Ya Light" Rita Ora
"Shiny Happy People" R.E.M.
"The Shock of the Lightning" Oasis
"Shock the Monkey" Peter Gabriel
"Shocked" Kylie Minogue
"Shoot Me Straight" Brothers Osborne
"Shooting Stars" Bag Raiders
"Short People" Randy Newman
"Should I Stay or Should I Go" The Clash
"Shout Out to My Ex" Little Mix
"The Show" Girls Aloud
"Show Me the Way" Peter Frampton
"Show You Off" Dan + Shay
"Shut Up and Dance" Walk the Moon
"Shut Up!" Simple Plan
"Shut Your Eyes" Snow Patrol
"Shy Boy" Bananarama
"The Side of Paradise" Hayley Kiyoko
"The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite" R.E.M.
"Signal Fire" Snow Patrol
"Signal in the Sky (Let's Go)" The Apples in Stereo
"Silence" Marshmello featuring Khalid
"The Silent Sun" Genesis
"Sillyworld" Stone Sour
"Simple" Florida Georgia Line
"Simply Irresistible" Robert Palmer
"Since I Gave My Heart Away" Sonya Isaacs
"Since U Been Gone" Kelly Clarkson
"Sing It" Rebecca Black
"Singing in the Rain" Simple Plan
"Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" Beyoncé
"Sink to the Bottom" Fountains of Wayne
"Sippin' on Fire" Florida Georgia Line
"Sippy Cup" Melanie Martinez
"Sister Don't Cry" Collective Soul
"Sitting Still" R.E.M.
"Six Feet Under" Billie Eilish
"Sixteen Saltines" Jack White
"Sk8er Boi" Avril Lavigne
"Skin Trade" Duran Duran
"A Sky Full of Stars" Coldplay
"Skyfall" Adele
"Skyscraper" Demi Lovato
"Slang" Def Leppard
"Slave to the Grind" Skid Row
"Sleazy" Kesha
"Sledgehammer" Peter Gabriel
"Sledgehammer" Fifth Harmony
"Sledgehammer" Rihanna
"Sleeping Powder" Gorillaz
"Sleepover" Hayley Kiyoko
"Slippery When Wet" Commodores
"Slippin' and Slidin' (Peepin' and Hidin')" Little Richard
"Slow" Collective Soul
"Slow Burn" Kacey Musgraves
"Slow Down" Selena Gomez
"Slow Down Baby" Christina Aguilera
"Slow Me Down" Sara Evans
"Slow Ride" Foghat
"Smashing Young Man" Collective Soul
"Smile" Avril Lavigne
"Smoke & Mirrors" Paloma Faith
"Smoke and Fire" Sabrina Carpenter
"Smooth" Florida Georgia Line
"Smooth Criminal" Michael Jackson
"Snap Out of It" Arctic Monkeys
"Sneakernight" Vanessa Hudgens
"Snowcone" Deadmau5
"So Am I" Ava Max
"So Close" Jennette McCurdy
"So Hard to Breathe" B.o.B
"So Insane" Smash Mouth
"So Long, Marianne" Leonard Cohen
"So Real" Mandy Moore
"So What" Pink
"So Yesterday" Hilary Duff
"Soak Up the Sun" Sheryl Crow
"Soap" Melanie Martinez
"Sober" Demi Lovato
"Sober" Kelly Clarkson
"Sober" Lorde
"Sober" Pink
"Sober" Selena Gomez
"Soldier" Gavin DeGrew
"Solid Gold Easy Action" T. Rex
"Solsbury Hill" Peter Gabriel
"Some Chords" Deadmau5
"Some Kind of Love" Girls Aloud
"Some Might Say" Oasis
"Some Postman" The Presidents of the United States of America
"Some Say" Sum 41
"Somebody" Bridgit Mendler
"Somebody Else" Katelyn Tarver
"Somebody Else's Heart" Lady Antebellum
"Somebody Out There" Kate Alexa
"Somebody That I Used to Know" Gotye featuring Kimbra
"Somebody to Love" Justin Bieber
"Somebody to Love" Queen
"Somebody to You" The Vamps featuring Demi Lovato
"Somebody's Heartbreak" Hunter Hayes
"Somebody's Watching Me" Rockwell
"Someday" Nickelback
"Someday, Someday" Thirsty Merc
"Someone like You" Adele
"Someone to Love" Fountains of Wayne
"Someone's Gonna Break Your Heart" Fountains of Wayne
"Somethin' Bad" Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood
"Something" Lasgo
"Something 'Bout Love" David Archuleta
"Something 'Bout You Baby I Like" Status Quo
"Something Big" Shawn Mendes
"Something Different" Why Don't We
"Something Good" alt-J
"Something I Need" OneRepublic
"Something Just Like This" The Chainsmokers and Coldplay
"Something Kinda Ooooh" Girls Aloud
"Something Like a Party" School Gyrls
"Something New" Girls Aloud
"Something So Right" Paul Simon
"Something to Dance For" Zendaya
"Somewhere in Brooklyn" Bruno Mars
"Somewhere in My Memory" John Williams
"Somewhere in Neverland" All Time Low
"Somewhere Out There" Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram
"Somewhere Out There" Our Lady Peace
"Somewhere to Run" Krewella
"Son of Man" Phil Collins
"Song for Someone" U2
"Songbird" Oasis
"Sonne" Rammstein
"Sooner or Later" Michelle Branch
"Sorry" Buckcherry
"Sorry" The Paddingtons
"SOS" Rihanna
"Soul Meets Body" Death Cab for Cutie
"Soul Sound" Sugababes
"The Sound of a Million Dreams" David Nail
"Sound of Awakening" Walk the Moon
"The Sound of Setting" Death Cab for Cutie
"Sound of the Underground" Girls Aloud
"Space Cowboy" Kacey Musgraves
"Space Junk" Wang Chung
"Spaceship" Puddle of Mudd
"Spark" Taeyeon
"Sparks Fly" Taylor Swift
"Spectre" Radiohead
"Speed" Billy Idol
"Speed of Sound" Coldplay
"The Spider and the Fly" The Rolling Stones
"Spiders" Moby
"Spiderwebs" No Doubt
"Spies Like Us" Paul McCartney
"Spin the Black Circle" Pearl Jam
"Spinning Around" Kylie Minogue
"Spirit in the Night" Bruce Springsteen
"The Spirit of Radio" Rush
"Spirit of the Boogie" Kool & the Gang
"Spit It Out" Slipknot
"Splish Splash" Bobby Darin
"Spooky Madness" Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
"Spy in the House of Love" Was (Not Was)
"Stacy's Mom" Fountains of Wayne
"Stand in the Rain" Superchick
"Stanley Kubrick" Mogwai
"Star Wars (Main Title)" John Williams
"Starfighter Pilot" Snow Patrol
"Stargirl Interlude" The Weeknd featuring Lana Del Rey
"Starry Eyed" Ellie Goulding
"The Stars and Stripes Forever" John Philip Sousa
"Stars Dance" Selena Gomez
"Stars Tonight" Lady Antebellum
"Starseed" Our Lady Peace
"Starships" Nicki Minaj
"Starstrukk" 3OH!3 featuring Katy Perry
"Start All Over" Miley Cyrus
"Start Me Up" The Rolling Stones
"Start of Something Good" Daughtry
"Start Over" Beyoncé
"Started with a Song" Brett Kissel
"Stay" Blackpink
"Stay" Gavin DeGraw
"Stay" Zedd and Alessia Cara
"Stay (I Missed You)" Lisa Loeb
"Stay a Little Longer" Brothers Osborne
"Stay in the Dark" The Band Perry
"Stay My Baby" Miranda Cosgrove
"Stay on These Roads" A-ha
"Stay with Me" Danity Kane
"Stayin' Alive" Bee Gees
"Steal My Sunshine" Len
"Steam" Peter Gabriel
"Step by Step" New Kids on the Block
"Stereo Hearts" Gym Class Heroes featuring Adam Levine
"Stickwitu" The Pussycat Dolls
"Still Waiting" Sum 41
"Stockholm" Atlas Genius
"Stone Cold Sober" Paloma Faith
"Stone Love" Kool & the Gang
"Stoned" Puddle of Mudd
"Stop and Stare" OneRepublic
"Stop Crying Your Heart Out" Oasis
"Stop It Girl" New Kids on the Block
"Stop Standing There" Avril Lavigne
"Storm Warning" Hunter Hayes
"Story of My Life" One Direction
"Straight Outta Cold Beer" Blake Shelton
"Straight Up" Paula Abdul
"Strange Attraction" The Cure
"Strange Clouds" B.o.B featuring Lil Wayne
"Strange Currencies" R.E.M.
"Strange Magic" Electric Light Orchestra
"Stranger in My House" Tamia
"Stranger than Fiction" Five Finger Death Punch
"Strangers Like Me" Phil Collins
"Strasbourg" The Rakes
"Strawberry Bubblegum" Justin Timberlake
"Strawberry Swing" Coldplay
"Stray Dogs" Good Charlotte
"Street Dancer" Avicii
"Street Fighting Men" The Rolling Stones
"Streets" Doja Cat
"Strobe" Deadmau5
"Stronger" Britney Spears
"Stronger" Jennette McCurdy
"Stronger" Sugababes
"Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)" Kelly Clarkson
"Stuck with Me" Green Day
"Stupid Love" Jason Derulo
"Stupid Shit" Girlicious
"Style" Taylor Swift
"Stylo" Gorillaz featuring Bobby Womack and Mos Def
"Suck It and See" Arctic Monkeys
"Suck My Kiss" Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Sucka for Love" Danity Kane
"Sucker" Jonas Brothers
"Suckerpunch" Bowling for Soup
"Suddenly Last Summer" The Motels
"Sue Me" Sabrina Carpenter
"Suit & Tie" Justin Timberlake
"Sugar" Karmin
"Sugar" Maroon 5
"Sugar, We're Goin' Down" Fall Out Boy
"Summer" Calvin Harris
"Summer Day" Sheryl Crow
"Summer Girls" LFO
"Summer Jam" The Underdog Project
"Summer Night City" ABBA
"Summer Nights" Rascal Flatts
"Summer Skin" Death Cab for Cutie
"Summer Years" Death Cab for Cutie
"Summer's Not Hot" Selena Gomez & the Scene
"Summertime" Bon Jovi
"Summertime" Bridgit Mendler
"Summertime" New Kids on the Block
"Summertime in the City" Scouting for Girls
"Summertime of Our Lives" Cody Simpson
"Summertime Sadness" Lana Del Rey
"Summon the Heroes" John Williams
"Sun Daze" Florida Georgia Line
"Sun Hits the Sky" Supergrass
"Sunday (The Day Before My Birthday)" Moby
"Sunday Bloody Sunday" U2
"Sunday Morning Call" Oasis
"Sunshine" Rye Rye featuring M.I.A.
"Super Bass" Nicki Minaj
"Super Rich Kids" Frank Ocean featuring Earl Sweatshirt
"Superblood Wolfmoon" Pearl Jam
"Superman Tonight" Bon Jovi
"Superman's Dead" Our Lady Peace
"Supernatural Superserious" R.E.M.
"Supersatellite" Our Lady Peace
"Supersonic" Oasis
"Supersonic Rocket Ship" The Kinks
"Superstition" Stevie Wonder
"Superstylin'" Groove Armada
"Supper's Ready" Genesis
"Supplies" Justin Timberlake
"Sure and Certain" Jimmy Eat World
"Surprise" Sugababes
"Surrender" Walk the Moon
"Survival Car" Fountains of Wayne
"Survivor" Destiny's Child
"Survivors" Selena Gomez
"Swag It Out" Zendaya
"Swan Song" Dua Lipa
"Swear It Again" Westlife
"Sweet Black Angel" The Rolling Stones
"Sweet but Psycho" Ava Max
"The Sweet Escape" Gwen Stefani featuring Akon
"Sweet Lies" Robert Palmer
"Sweet Sacrifice" Evanescence
"Sweeter" Gavin DeGrew
"A Sweeter Place" Selena Gomez featuring Kid Cudi
"Sweetness" Jimmy Eat World
"Swimming in the Stars" Britney Spears
"Swing, Swing" The All-American Rejects
"Swingin' with My Eyes Closed" Shania Twain
"Swinging London Town" Girls Aloud
"Symptoms" Atlas Genius
"System of Survival" Earth, Wind & Fire
"Taffy" Lisa Loeb
"Take a Chance on Me" ABBA
"Take a Little Ride" Jason Aldean
"Take Back the City" Snow Patrol
"Take Care" Drake featuring Rihanna
"Take Me Down" The Pretty Reckless
"Take Me Out" Franz Ferdinand
"Take My Breath Away" Berlin
"Take On Me" A-ha
"Take Out the Gunman" Chevelle
"Take This Waltz" Leonard Cohen
"Take You Down" Chris Brown
"Take You There" Sean Kingston
"Taki Taki" DJ Snake featuring Selena Gomez, Ozuna and Cardi
"Taking Back Control" Sparta
"Taking It All Too Hard" Genesis
"Talk Me Down" Troye Sivan
"Talk You Out of It" Florida Georgia Line
"Talking Body" Tove Lo
"Talking to the Moon" Bruno Mars
"Talons" Bloc Party
"Tangled Up in Me" Skye Sweetnam
"Tattoo" Jordin Sparks
"Tattoos in This Town" Jason Aldean
"Tears in Heaven" Eric Clapton
"Teddy Picker" Arctic Monkeys
"Teen Idle" Marina and the Diamonds
"Teenage Dream" Katy Perry
"Teenage Heart" Lady Antebellum
"Teenage Love Affair" Alicia Keys
"Telegram Sam" T. Rex
"Telephone" Lady Gaga featuring Beyoncé
"Telephone Line" Electric Light Orchestra
"Telescope" Hayden Panettiere
"Tell Me Something I Don't Know" Selena Gomez
"Tell Me You Love Me" Demi Lovato
"Temperamental Love" Bridgit Mendler and Devontée
"Tennis Court" Lorde
"Tequila" The Champs
"Tessellate" alt-J
"Thank U, Next" Ariana Grande
"Thank You for the Heartbreak" Sugababes
"That Don't Impress Me Much" Shania Twain
"That'll Do" Peter Gabriel
"That's Gangsta" Bun B featuring Sean Kingston
"That's Good" Devo
"That's How I Beat Shaq" Aaron Carter
"That's How You Know" Amy Adams
"That's Me" ABBA
"That's Not My Name" The Ting Tings
"That's Right (You're Not from Texas)" Lyle Lovett
"That's What Girls Do" No Secrets
"That's What I Like" Flo Rida featuring Fitz
"That's What I Love About Sunday" Craig Morgan
"Then I Woke Up" Clique Girlz
"Then the Morning Comes" Smash Mouth
"There Will Be Tears" Miranda Cosgrove
"There's a Place" The Beatles
"There's No Home for You Here" The White Stripes
"There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back" Shawn Mendes
"These Words" Natasha Bedingfield
"They" Jem
"They Don't Know" Jason Aldean
"Things I'll Never Say" Avril Lavigne
"Think About Love" Dolly Parton
"Think About You" Delta Goodrem
"Think About You" Lady Antebellum
"Thinking of You" ATC
"This Ain't a Love Song" Scouting for Girls
"This Ain't the End" Heather Russell
"This Afternoon" Nickelback
"This Christmas" Taeyeon
"This City" Lady Antebellum
"This Crazy Love" The Oak Ridge Boys
"This Dance" Drenge
"This I Promise You" NSYNC
"This Is England" The Clash
"This Is Gospel" Panic! at the Disco
"This Is How We Do It" Montell Jordan
"This Is Me" Dream
"This Is Me" Skye Sweetnam
"This Is My Paradise" Bridgit Mendler
"This Is Radio Clash" The Clash
"This Life" Vampire Weekend
"This Love" Maroon 5
"This Ole Boy"" Craig Morgan
"Those Eyes" Thirsty Merc
"Thotiana" Blueface
"A Thousand Miles" Vanessa Carlton
"A Thousand Years" Christina Perri
"Three Wooden Crosses" Randy Travis
"Thrift Shop" Macklemore & Ryan Lewis featuring Wanz
"Thriller" Michael Jackson
"Through Being Cool" Devo
"Through Glass" Stone Sour
"Throwing It All Away" Genesis
"Thug Love" 50 Cent featuring Destiny's Child
"Thumbs" Sabrina Carpenter
"Thunder" Boys Like Girls
"The Thunderer" John Philip Sousa
"Ticket to the Moon" Electric Light Orchestra
"Tie Your Mother Down" Queen
"Tiger" ABBA
"Tiger Teeth" Walk the Moon
"Tightrope" Walk the Moon
"Tik Tok" Kesha
"Til I Forget About You" Big Time Rush
"Till the World Ends" Britney Spears
"Timber" Kesha
"Time for Miracles" Adam Lambert
"Time for That" Kevin Gates
"Time In" The Oak Ridge Boys
"Time Is Ticking Out" The Cranberries
"The Time of Our Lives" Miley Cyrus
"Time of the Season" The Zombies
"Time Stands Still" The All-American Rejects
"Time-Bomb" All Time Low
"Timebomb" Walk the Moon
"Tiny Explosions" The Presidents of the United States of America
"Tipitina" Professor Longhair
"Titanium" David Guetta featuring Sia
"Title" Meghan Trainor
"Title and Registration" Death Cab for Cutie
"To Play Some Music" Journey
"Together" Calvin Harris featuring Gwen Stefani
"Together We Are One" Delta Goodrem
"Tom Sawyer" Rush
"Tomorrow Comes Today" Gorillaz
"Tomorrow Never Dies" Sheryl Crow
"Tompkins Square Park" Mumford & Sons
"Tonight I'm Getting Over You" Carly Rae Jepsen
"Tonight Tonight" Hot Chelle Rae
"Tongue" R.E.M.
"Too Bad" Nickelback
"Too Close" Alex Clare
"Too Cool" Meaghan Martin
"Too Good at Goodbyes" Sam Smith
"Too Little Too Late" JoJo
"Too Much of Heaven" Eiffel 65
"Too Much to Ask" Avril Lavigne
"Top of the World" Bridgit Mendler
"Topaz" The B-52's
"Torches" Daughtry
"Torn" Ava Max
"Touch Me (All Night Long)" Cathy Dennis
"Touch Me in the Morning" Diana Ross
"Touch My Hand" David Archuleta
"Touchin' on My" 3OH!3
"Touching My Body" Danity Kane
"Toxic" Britney Spears
"Toys in the Attic" Aerosmith
"Traffic and Weather" Fountains of Wayne
"Trailerhood" Toby Keith
"Train" 3 Doors Down
"Treading Water" Alex Clare
"Treasure" Bruno Mars
"Treat You Better" Shawn Mendes
"Tremble for My Beloved" Collective Soul
"A Trick of the Tail" Genesis
"Trojans" Atlas Genius
"Trouble" Shampoo
"The Trouble with Love Is" Kelly Clarkson
"Trouble with My Baby" Paloma Faith
"Troubled Times" Fountains of Wayne
"True" Ryan Cabrera
"True Love" Destinee & Paris
"True Love" The Oak Ridge Boys
"True Love" Robert Palmer
"Truth Hurts" Lizzo
"Truth to Power" OneRepublic
"Try" Hayden Panettiere
"Trying to Be Cool" Phoenix
"TTYLXOX" Bella Thorne
"Tubthumping" Chumbawamba
"Tunak Tunak Tun" Daler Mehndi
"Turn Blue" The Black Keys
"Turn It On Again" Genesis
"Turn Off the Light" Nelly Furtado
"Turn Up the Music" Bridgit Mendler
"Turning Home" David Nail
"Tutti Frutti" Little Richard
"Twenty Wild Horses" Status Quo
"Twilight" Electric Light Orchestra
"Twist and Shout" The Top Notes
"Two Pieces" Demi Lovato
"Two Princes" Spin Doctors
"Two Steps Behind" Def Leppard
"Two to Make It Right" Seduction
"Two Tribes" Frankie Goes to Hollywood
"Two Way Street" Kimbra
"U Drive Me Crazy" NSYNC
"U Smile" Justin Bieber
"Uh Huh" B2K
"Uh Huh" Julia Michaels
"Ultraviolence" Lana Del Rey
"Umbrella" Rihanna featuring Jay-Z
"Umbrella Beach" Owl City
"Unapologetically" Kelsea Ballerini
"Unappreciated" Cherish
"Unbearably White" Vampire Weekend
"Unbelievers" Vampire Weekend
"Undefeated" Def Leppard
"Under and Over It" Five Finger Death Punch
"Under Attack" ABBA
"Under the Bridge" Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Under the Sheets" Ellie Goulding
"Underclass Hero" Sum 41
"Underneath It All" No Doubt featuring Lady Saw
"Underneath the Tree" Kelly Clarkson
"Unpretty" TLC
"Unwritten" Natasha Bedingfield
"Up All Night" Alex Clare
"Up All Night" Blink-182
"Up and Down" Vengaboys
"Up Around the Bend" Creedence Clearwater Revival
"Up in the Sky" Oasis
"Up, Up, Up" Rose Falcon
"Upside Down" A-Teens
"Upside Down" Paloma Faith
"Uptown Funk" Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars
"Uranus, the Magician" Gustav Holst
"Vanilla Twilight" Owl City
"Vacation" The Go-Go's
"VCR" The xx
"The Veil" Peter Gabriel
"Velvet Chains" Gary Morris
"Velvet Elvis" Kacey Musgraves
"Venus" Bananarama
"Venus, the Bringer of Peace" Gustav Holst
"Vertigo" U2
"Vice" Miranda Lambert
"Video Games" Lana Del Rey
"Vienna" Ultravox
"The View from the Afternoon" Arctic Monkeys
"A View to a Kill" Duran Duran
"Violet Hill" Coldplay
"Virus" Iron Maiden
"The Visitors" ABBA
"Vitamin C" Can
"Viva La Megababes" Shampoo
"The Voice Within" Christina Aguilera
"Voices in My Head" Ashley Tisdale
"Vredesbyrd" Dimmu Borgir
"Vulnerable" Selena Gomez
"Waiting for the Summer" Delirious?
"Waiting for Wednesday" Lisa Loeb
"Waiting for Superman" Daughtry
"Waiting on a Friend" The Rolling Stones
"Waiting on the World to Change" John Mayer
"Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)" Shakira featuring Freshlyground
"Wake Me Up" Avicii
"Wake Me Up" Girls Aloud
"Wake Me Up When September Ends" Green Day
"Wake Up" Hilary Duff
"Wake Up, Stop Dreaming" Wang Chung
"Waking Up in Vegas" Katy Perry
"Walk Me Home" Mandy Moore
"Walk the Dinosaur" Was (Not Was)
"The Walker" Fitz and The Tantrums
"Walkin' on the Sun" Smash Mouth
"Walking Disaster" Sum 41
"Walking on Sunshine" Katrina and the Waves
"Wall to Wall" Chris Brown
"Wallflower" Peter Gabriel
"Waltz of the Flowers" Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
"Want to Want Me" Jason Derulo
"Want U Back" Cher Lloyd featuring Astro
"Wanted" Hunter Hayes
"Wanted" OneRepublic
"Wanted Dead or Alive" Bon Jovi
"Wanted You More" Lady Antebellum
"War" Sum 41
"Warning" Green Day
"The Warrior" Scandal
"Warriors of the Wasteland" Frankie Goes to Hollywood
"Wash It All Away" Fiver Finger Death Punch
"The Washington Post" John Philip Sousa
"Wasted Years" Iron Maiden
"Wasting All These Tears" Cassadee Pope
"Watch Me" Bella Thorne and Zendaya
"Watch Out for Lucy" Eric Clapton
"Watch the Sun Come Up" Example
"Watch Us Work It" Devo
"Watcher of the Skies" Genesis
"Watching the Wildlife" Frankie Goes to Hollywood
"Water Runs Dry" Boyz II Men
"Water Under the Bridge" Adele
"Waterfalls" TLC
"The Way" Fastball
"Way Back" TLC featuring Snoop Dogg
"Way Back into Love" Hugh Grant, Drew Barrymore and Haley Bennett
"The Way I Are (Dance with Somebody)" Bebe Rexha featuring Lil Wayne
"The Way It Used to Be" Mike Posner
"We All Go Back to Where We Belong" R.E.M.
"We Are All Made of Stars" Moby
"We Are Believix" Elizabeth Gillies
"We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" Taylor Swift
"We Are One" Westlife
"We Are the Champions" Queen
"We Are Warriors" Avril Lavigne
"We Back" Jason Aldean
"We Belong Together" Mariah Carey
"We Built This City" Starship
"We Can Change the World" Bridgit Mendler
"We Can Do What We Want" Drenge
"We Could Be Together" Debbie Gibson
"We Danced Together" The Rakes
"We Don't Have to Look Back Now" Puddle of Mudd
"We Found Love" Rihanna featuring Calvin Harris
"We Got the Beat" The Go-Go's
"We Laugh Indoors" Death Cab for Cutie
"We Owned the Night" Lady Antebellum
"We Should Be Friends" Miranda Lambert
"We Were That Song" Brett Kissel
"We Weren't Born to Follow" Bon Jovi
"We Will Rock You" Queen
"We're Going to Be Friends" The White Stripes
"Weapon of Choice" Fatboy Slim featuring Bootsy Collins
"Wear My Kiss" Sugababes
"Weekend Millionaires" Katelyn Tarver
"Weight of the World" Evanescence
"Weightless" All Time Low
"Weird" Hanson
"Welcome to Earth" Delta Goodrem
"Welcome to My Life" Simple Plan
"Welcome to My Nightmare" Alice Cooper
"Welcome to New York " Taylor Swift
"Welcome to Paradise" Green Day
"Welcome to the Jungle" Guns N' Roses
"Welcome to the Pleasuredome" Frankie Goes to Hollywood
"Welcome to Wherever You Are" Bon Jovi
"Well Enough Alone" Chevelle
"West Coast" Lana Del Rey
"What a Girl Wants" B2K
"What a Girl Wants" Christina Aguilera
"What a Man Gotta Do" Jonas Brothers
"What About Now" Daughtry
"What About Us" Pink
"What About Your Friends" TLC
"What Are You Waiting For?" Miranda Cosgrove
"What Do You Mean?" Justin Bieber
"What Happens Tomorrow" Duran Duran
"What Hurts the Most" Rascal Flatts
"What I Go to School For" Busted
"What If" Ashley Tisdale
"What If I Never Got Over You" Lady Antebellum
"What Makes You Beautiful" One Direction
"What Sarah Said" Death Cab for Cutie
"What the Hell" Avril Lavigne
"What Time Is It?" High School Musical Cast
"What You Want" Evanescence
"What's It Gonna Be" Beyoncé
"What's Left of Me" Nick Lachey
"What's New Pussycat?" Tom Jones
"Whataya Want from Me" Adam Lambert
"Whatcha Say" Jason Derulo
"Whatever She's Got" David Nail
"Whatta Man" I.O.I
"When" Shania Twain
"When I Come Around" Green Day
"When I Grow Up" Garbage
"When I Grow Up" The Pussycat Dolls
"When I'm Gone" 3 Doors Down
"When I'm Gone" Simple Plan
"When Loves Hurts" JoJo
"When the Party's Over" Billie Eilish
"When the Sun Goes Down" Arctic Monkeys
"When the Water Falls" Collective Soul
"When the Weather Is Fine" Thirsty Merc
"When the Whip Comes Down" The Rolling Stones
"When You Love" Sinéad O'Connor
"When You Love a Woman" Journey
"When You're Gone" Avril Lavigne
"When We Die" Bowling for Soup
"When We Were Beautiful" Bon Jovi
"Whenever You Feel Like It" Kylie Minogue
"Whenever, Wherever" Shakira
"Where Did Your Heart Go?" Was (Not Was)
"Where Do I Begin" The Chemical Brothers
"Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?" Paula Cole
"Where the River Flows" Collective Soul
"Where the Stars and Stripes and the Eagle Fly" Aaron Tippin
"Where'd You Go?" Fort Minor featuring Holly Brook & Jonah Matranga
"While You See a Chance" Steve Winwood
"Whip It" Devo
"Whip My Hair" Willow Smith
"Whiskey Girl" Toby Keith
"Whiskey in My Water" Tyler Farr
"Whisper My Name" Randy Travis
"Whispers in the Dark" Mumford & Sons
"Whistle" Blackpink
"White Mercedes" Charli XCX
"White Mustang" Lana Del Rey
"White Ribbon Day" Delirious?
"White Shadows" Coldplay
"White Sky" Vampire Weekend
"White Wedding" Billy Idol
"Who Can It Be Now?" Men at Works
"Who Knew" Pink
"Who Let the Dogs Out?" Baha Men
"Who Owns My Heart" Miley Cyrus
"Who Says You Can't Go Home" Bon Jovi
"Who's Crying Now" Journey
"Who's Laughing Now?" Ava Max
"Who's That Man" Toby Keith
"Whole Lot of Leavin'" Bon Jovi
"Whole Lotta History" Girls Aloud
"Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" Jerry Lee Lewis
"Whoomp! (There It Is)" Tag Team
"Why" Sabrina Carpenter
"Why" Rascal Flatts
"Why Can't We Be Friends?" War
"Why I Love You" B2K
"Why Not" Hilary Duff
"Why Oh Why" ATC
"Wide Awake" Katy Perry
"Wig" The B-52's
"Wiggle" Jason Derulo featuring Snoop Dogg
"Wild Horses" Girls Aloud
"The Wild Life" Bananarama
"Wild Ones" Flo Rida featuring Sia
"Wild Thing" Tone Lōc
"Wild West Show" Big & Rich
"Wildest Dreams" Taylor Swift
"Will You Be There" Michael Jackson
"Will You Still Love Me?" Chicago
"The Wind Blows" The All-American Rejects
"Window Shopper" 50 Cent
"Windows Down" Big Time Rush
"Wings" Delta Goodrem
"Wings" Leslie Mills
"Winter Dreams (Brandon's Song)" Kelly Clarkson
"Winter Winds" Mumford & Sons
"Wipe Out" The Surfaris
"Wiseman" James Blunt
"Wish I" Jem
"Wish You Were Gay" Billie Eilish
"Wish You Were Here" Avril Lavigne
"Wishlight" Pearl Jam
"Witchy Woman" Eagles
"With Me" Sum 41
"Withdrawals" Tyler Farr
"Wizard" Martin Garrix and Jay Hardway
"The Wolf" Mumford & Sons
"Wolves" Selena Gomez and Marshmello
"Womanizer" Britney Spears
"Won't Get Fooled Again" The Who
"Won't Go Quietly" Example
"Wonder Woman" JoJo
"Wonder Woman" Kacey Musgraves
"Wonderwall" Oasis
"Words" Missing Persons
"Work" Jimmy Eat World
"Work This Body" Walk the Moon
"Work, Work, Work (Pub, Club, Sleep)" The Rakes
"World Filled with Love" Craig David
"The World I Know" Collective Soul
"The World Is Not Enough" Garbage
"World Wide Suicide" Pearl Jam
"Worldwide" Big Time Rush
"Worst in Me" Julia Michaels
"Would I" Randy Travis
"Wrapped in Red" Kelly Clarkson
"Wrecking Ball" Miley Cyrus
"Write Your Name" Selena Gomez
"The Writer" Ellie Goulding
"Writing's on the Wall" Sam Smith
"Written in the Stars" Tinie Tempah featuring Eric Turner
"Wrong Club" The Ting Tings
"Wrong Direction" Hailee Steinfeld
"Wrong Number" The Cure
"Wrong Side of Heaven" Five Finger Death Punch
"The X-Files" Mark Snow
"X-Kid" Green Day
"XO" Beyoncé
"Y.M.C.A." Village People
"Yayo" Lana Del Rey
"Yeah Boy" Kelsea Ballerini
"Year 3000" Busted
"A Year Without Rain" Selena Gomez & the Scene
"Yellow Flicker Beat" Lorde
"Yellow Submarine" The Beatles
"Yes" Demi Lovato
"Yes Girl" Bea Miller
"Yes Sir, I Can Boogie" Baccara
"Yo (Excuse Me Miss)" Chris Brown
"Yoo Doo Right" Can
"You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet" Lisa Marie Presley
"You All Dat" Baha Men
"You and Me" Lifehouse
"You and Me" One Night Only
"You Are a Tourist" Death Cab for Cutie
"You Are the Only One" Emily Osment
"You Belong with Me" Taylor Swift
"You Blow Me Away" Robert Palmer
"You Can Call Me Al" Paul Simon
"You Can't Resist It" Lyle Lovett
"You Can't Stop the Girl" Bebe Rexha
"You Don't Know" Berlin
"You Don't Know" Katelyn Tarver
"You Don't Know My Name" Alicia Keys
"You Get What You Give" New Radicals
"You Got It (The Right Stuff)" New Kids on the Block
"You Keep Me Hangin' On" Kim Wilde
"You Know My Name" Chris Cornell
"You Look Good" Lady Antebellum
"You Make It Easy" Jason Aldean
"You Need to Calm Down" Taylor Swift
"You See Me Crying" Aerosmith
"You Should See Me in a Crown" Billie Eilish
"You Sound Good to Me" Lucy Hale
"You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" Dead or Alive
"You Want It Darker" Leonard Cohen
"You Win My Love" Shania Twain
"You'll Always Be My Baby" Sara Evans
"You'll Be in My Heart" Phil Collins
"You're All I Have" Snow Patrol
"You're Always Here" Ashley Tisdale
"You're Beautiful" James Blunt
"You're in Trouble" C.T.F.G.
"You're My Best Friend" Queen
"You're Still the One" Shania Twain
"You're the Reason" Victoria Justice
"You're Where I Belong" Trisha Yearwood
"You've Got a Friend in Me" Randy Newman and Lyle Lovett
"Young and Beautiful" Lana Del Rey
"Young and Menace" Fall Out Boy
"Young Blood" Bea Miller
"Youngblood" 5 Seconds to Summer
"Younger Now" Miley Cyrus
"Your Bruise" Death Cab for Cutie
"Your Disco Needs You" Kylie Minogue
"Your Hurricane" Death Cab for Cutie
"Your Love" Nicki Minaj
"Your Love Is My Drug" Kesha
"Your Song" Rita Ora
"Your Type" Carly Rae Jepsen
"Youth Gone Wild" Skid Row
"The Zephyr Song" Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Zero" Imagine Dragons
"Zillionaire" Flo Rida
"Zzyzx Rd." Stone Sour