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The Twelve Apostles. (According to tradition)[edit]

  • (1) ANDREW. brother of Peter, bar-Jona. He was tied to a cross like the letter X, in Patras of Achaia, by order of Egæus the proconsul (first century). His day is November 30.
  • (2) BAR-THOLOMEW (i.e. Nathaniel bar-Tholomew). Flayed alive in Armenia, A.D. 71. His day is August 24.
  • (3) JAMES the Elder, brother of John, and son of Zebedee. Beheaded at Jerusalem, by Herod Agrippa, A.D. 44. His day is July 24.
  • (4) JAMES, the "brother" of Jesus, probably a cousin, son of Cleopas and Mary. He was thrown from the pinnacle of the temple, and then stoned to death, A.D. 65. His day is May 1.
  • (5) JOHN the Evangelist, brother of James the Elder. He died at an extreme old age at Ephesus, between A.D. 95 and 100. His day is December 27.
  • (6) JUDAS ISCARIOT. Hanged himself, A.D. 33.
  • (7) JUDE or Thaddeus, brother of James the Less. Shot to death by arrows in Armenia, A.D. 80. His day is October 28.
  • (8) MATTHEW the Evangelist Slain by a sword in Parthia (first century) His day is September 27.
  • (9) PETER, brother of Andrew, bar-Jona. Crucified with his head downwards, at Rome, A.D. 66. His day is June 29.
  • (10) PHILIP. Hanged on a pillar at Hierapolis, in Phrygia, A.D. 80. His day is May 1.
  • (11) SIMON Zelotes, brother of James and Jude. Crucified in Persia, A.D. 107, at the age of 129. His day is February 18.
  • (12) THOMAS, surnamed Didymus. Slain in India with a spear (first century). His day is December 21.

Supplementary Apostles[edit]

  • MATTHIAS, chosen by the eleven to supply the place of Judas. Said to have been first stoned and then beheaded (first century). His day is February 24.
  • PAUL (Saul of Tarsus), son of Simon of Cyrenè. Beheaded at Rome, A.D. 66. His day are June 29 (to commemorate his death), and January 25 (to commemorate his conversion).
  • N.B. - It is said that Jesus, Son of Mary, was crucified April 3, A.D. 33, at about the age of 40 (the Jews said to Him, "Thou art not yet fifty years old"). - Astronomical Journal, 1892.