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  • Norman - Norman Mailer, of course
  • Cliff - mailman from Cheers
  • Newman - mailman from Seinfeld (particularly if your mail server is a bit of a pain in the ass)
  • Pat - Postman with cat
  • Hermes - messenger of the Greek Gods
  • Mercury - messenger of the Roman Gods
  • Echo - Greek nymph, cursed by Hera to always repeat another's voice.
  • Huginn or Muninn - two ravens that travel the world bearing news and information they have collected back to the Norse god Odin.
  • Mr. Beasley - mailman from the comic strip Blondie.
  • Letter
  • Frisk - Could be used for AV or Spamfilter.
  • Post
  • Carrier pigeon; Messenger pigeon; Homing pigeon; Homer; Pigeon
  • McFeely - Mister Roger's Postman
  • Hedwig - Harry Potter's mail owl
  • Pigwidgeon - Ron Weasley's mail owl
  • Errol - The Weasley family's mail owl
  • Franklin - 1st U.S. Postmaster General.

At one time Mindspring used the names of former Postmasters General. That however led to quite a few that no one knew how to spell.