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Recurring characters[edit | edit source]

Character Comment
Animal WO-MAN!!
Annie Sue Miss Piggy's disciple and rival (3rd season)
Beaker Bunsen Honeydew's Assistant
Beauregard Janitor (later seasons)
Betsy Bird Built as a showcase for dancer Betsy Baytos
Big Mama Orange monster with big mouth and ears
Bobby Benson Director of the Baby Band
Boppity Blue monster with big ears and beak
Camilla the Chicken Gonzo's main squeeze
Crazy Harry Likes explosions
Dr. Bunsen Honeydew Scientist-type
Dr. Julius Strangepork Science officer on the Swinetrek
Droop Fuzzy guy with long snout (see Ben Vereen ep.)
Fletcherbird Showcase for dancer Graham Fletcher (see Leo Sayer)
Flying Zucchini Brothers Human Cannonball act
Foo-foo Miss Piggy's dog
Fozzie Bear "The comedian's a bear!"
Gaffer Piratical-looking cat, mostly just lay backstage
George the Janitor Janitor (early seasons)
Gladys Cafeteria Waitress (see Gene Stapleton ep.)
Gloat Light green monster with two fangs (see Joel Grey)
The Great Gonzo Claims he's a "whatever"
Hilda From wardrobe (1st season)
J.P. Gross Scooter's uncle who owns the theatre
Kermit The Main Frog
Lew Zealand Throws fish
Lewis Kezagger Sportscaster
Link Hogthrob Captain of the Swinetrek
Marvin Suggs and his Amazing Muppephone Also, MS and his All-Food Glee Club
Mildred George's purple dancing partner
Miss Kitty Purple monster with blue nose (see Juliet Prowse)
Miss Piggy The Main Pig
Muppy White dog (first season)
Mutations Dancing Pink Monsters
The Newsman News Anchorman (yes, that's his name)
Nigel the conductor Wrote theme music
Pops Greeted guest stars at show opening (5th season)
Rizzo One of the rat pack
Robin Kermit's nephew
Rowlf Piano-playing dog
Sam the American Eagle Tried to uphold "decency" on the show
Scooter The gofer (stage assistant)
Louis Kazagger Sports anouncer
Scoffs Monsters with long necks and beaks (early seasons)
Statler Heckler -- the thinner guy in the balcony
Swedish Chef The cook -- Bork bork bork!
Sweetums Big ol' monster
Thog Large blue monster with ears that go up
Timmy Monster Large blue monster with green lips
Tom, Dick, and Harry The 3-headed creature
Uncle Deadly Phantom of the Muppet Show; scary looking
Vendaface Facelift machine
Virginia One of the Muppaphones
Waldorf Heckler -- the wider guy in the balcony
Wayne and Wanda Upstanding "churchgoing" couple (1st season)

great reference: Almost every muppet there ever was, often including photos: