Sesame Street Characters

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Character Comment
Alice Snuffleupagus Aloysius Snuffleupagus's sister; she's 2
Aloysius Snuffleupagus Used to be invisible, but no more; he's 4
Alphabet Explorer Steve Irwin look-alike
Amazing Mumford Magician -- "a la peanut butter sandwiches!"
Angry Guy Sherlock Hemlock lookalike
Assorted Cows Often used a backup singers
Athena Hoots's grandson
Baabaa Walters A sheep
Baby Bear From the Goldilocks tale
Baby Martian
Baby Natasha Infant daughter of Ingrid and Humphrey
Barkley owned by Linda
Bart Bert's brother
The Beetles They sing "Letter B"
Benny Rabbit Bellhop at Furry Arms; don't call him a bunny!
Bert Pigeons and Paper clips
Betty Lou
Biff partner of Sully
Big Bird He used to be 3 but is now 6, bday on 20 Mar
Bo Peep Keeps losing her sheep
Boss Lefty's boss with the Golden "An"
Brad Bert's nephew
Bruce Stringbean and the S Street Band "Born to Add"
Bruno Carries Oscar's can
Buster Forgetful Jones' horse
Captain Vegetable Rabbit superhero
Charlie as in "Hey, Charlie, a number 4!"
Chicago the Lion Early SS, "I'm a veg-a-table lion"
Chrissy and the Alphabets several big hits!
Chickens that Quack Like Ducks How you know a herrican's on the way...
Clementine Forgetful Jones' girlfriend
Cookie Monster Also hosts Monsterpiece Theatre
The Count von Count Based (loosely!) on Count Dracula
The Count's girlfriend
The Countess von Backwards The Count's other girlfriend(?)
Davy Monkey One of the monkey twins; BA-NANAS!
Elmo Little Red Monster (tickle me)
Ernie Bert's buddy