Space Mutiny

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Space Mutiny (also known as Mutiny in Space) is a 1988 South African science-fiction action film about a mutiny aboard the spaceship known as the Southern Sun. Nine years after its initial release, Space Mutiny was lampooned in a November 1997 episode of movie-mocking television comedy series Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K). Throughout the film, the appearances of the characters were sources of ridicule. Dave Ryder, the muscular protagonist, is referred to by several ridiculous names as listed below.

  1. Slab Bulkhead
  2. Blast Hard-Cheese
  3. Bold Bigflank
  4. Splint Chesthair
  5. Punch Rock-Groin
  6. Derk Hardpeck
  7. Crud Bonemail
  8. Punch Sideiron
  9. Gristle McThornbody
  10. Trunk Slamchest
  11. Crunch Buttsteak
  12. Big McLargehuge
  13. Stump Beefknob
  14. Smoke Man-Muscle
  15. Hack Blowfist
  16. Roll Fizzle-Beef
  17. Flank McBrickgroin